Berlinale 2016 Day 4

“The Watermelon Woman” by Cheryl Dunye (in Panorama Special Teddy 30)! Cheryl works in Video Rental Store and is actually a film maker. One night she discovers an african american actress in a so called Mammy movie (googeln) and she’s immedately affected by her. In the credits of the film she’s called the “The Watermelon Woman” and so Cheryl starts searching her and records every single interview and little step.

This fake documentary is actually a portrait of the queer community in 1996 and also the historical archives where it was hard to find anything about lesbian film makers and actresses, it has been nearly impossible if they were african american. And it also shows the problems of an interracial relationship, even though it’s in a queer surrounding. This is the first feature directed by a black lesbian woman and it premiered at the 46th Berlinale. There’s an exhibition of photographs that Mike Light made during the shoot and the time on tour to several film festivals. FB EVENT

“War On Everyone” by John Michael McDonagh (in Panorama Special)

Teddy and Bob are Cops in New Mexico, but they’re not that good in their profession. Now and then they’re involved in tiny drug deals and corruption. As excepted one day they mess up with the wrong guys and those are real big perverts from Britain. Soon they have to decide between moral and money.

It’s a stylish movie with a lot of cool and funny characters, Alexander Skarsgård looks freakin good in a suit, no matter how fucked up he is. If you can’t handle blood and violence you should think twice, but the look and the music is awesome!

“Don’t Blink – Robert Frank“ by Lauren Israel (in Panorama Documents)

Portrait of the legendary photographer and film maker who shot one of the most important work of street photography of all times „The Americans“.

His cutter of two decades, Lauren Israel, went through his big archive with him and he told her the background of it. She also asked colleagues and friends, uncovered a lot of pain in his life. This man is impressing, although I’m not totally a fan of his art. But he’s an artist and tireless in his creativity.