Berlinale 2016 Day 5

“Jeder stirbt für sich allein / Alone in Berlin“ by Vincent Perez (in Competition)! This film version of the Berlin novel of Hans Fallada is solid and although it takes place in Prenzlauer Berg, ze aktörs spiek Inglisch, iwen ze schörman wans. And zätz äxäktli hau it zaunds (the actors speak english, even the German ones and that’s exactly how it sounds.) It’s ridiculous!

But let me tell you something about the plot: Berlin, 1940, the married couple Anna and Otto Quangel lose their only child Hans during the invasion of France. Suddenly there are no more words, only silence and anger on the system. One day Otto can’t bear it anymore and starts writing postcards with critical messages. He leaves them in big office buildings and Anna becomes his accomplice. Soon the police get to know about this underground activity and so the chase begins.

This is actually a true story and it’s funny, that it took place in the street where I lived with my first girlfriend a very good friend of mine. Unfortunately I didn’t recognize Prenzlauer Berg, or even Berlin, only close-by.

No need to tell, that Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson are wonderful and decent and Daniel Brühl also can take it with them (actually the first film I like him in) as the story professes, but I midd the passion a little bit. The decision to shoot in English came, because „it’s an European story“. Well, okay. Sort of… It’s a perfect education movie.

P.S.: Emma Thompson is so smart and funny, she should marry me.

„Der Ost-Komplex / The GDR Complex“ by Jochen Hick /in Panorama Documents)

Mario Röllig was 17 years old and met a guy in Ungarn, they immediately were attracted by each other. Problem in this story: Mario lives in East Berlin, the other guy is 41 and from West Berlin. Mario tries to flee and get caught, gets arrested in the Stasi prison in Hohenschönhausen and gets released in 1987. He’s deeply traumatized.

Director Jochen Hick accompanies him on his journey to the prison and the place he got caught, but also talks with his family about those days and alle the pressure they’ve been exposed after Mario got arrested. Nowadays he hates communism and ain’t shy to contradict politicians or historians.
This movie is very touching, because some of his opinions are irritating, but who am I to judge? The things that happened to him are way out of my imagination and he’s a fighter. And thank God, we’re still in a democracy.