Berlinale 2016 Day 6 or “Don’t be silly, put a condom on your Willie!“

“Strike A Pose“ by Reijer Zwaan & Ester Gould (in Panorama Documents)! 1990 Madonna went on her legendary “Blond Ambition Tour“  and casted six fierce gay dancer and one straight HipHopper. They become friends these days and Madonna kind of their mother. Cameras are always on them, especially backstage and so the movie “Truth or Dare / In Bed with Madonna“ result from it. A few guys aren’t okay with the explicit gay scenes and ask her to let them out, but she denies. So they sue her, a friendship ends.

25 years later six of them talk about these days and the time afterwards, but also about Gabriel, who died very young caused by HIV.

That’s a real interesting movie, even if you’re not a big Madonna Fan (I am not and even less after that movie), but all those guys are so cute and they’re so lovingly to each other… I guess the whole theatre cried. Kevin, José and Salim were with us and went on the stage and cried with us. Oh my Goodness, that sounds so pathetic, but this is simply a touching movie. Especially HIV takes a big room and remembers us, how bad it was back in the early days: the fear of oneself, he hysteria in the community and the stigmatization of the society. Worth watching!

“Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures“ by Randy Barbato & Fenton Baily (in Panorama Documents)

Typical dialogue I had today: “I saw the movie about Robert Mapplethorpe!- Ain’t he the one who shot the flowers? -Well, yes… also…“ In case you don’t know who he is: yes, he’s the one with the flowers and the one in Patti Smith’s autobiography “Just Kids“, but he’s also the one with big cocks, S M and fisting scenes. Every single piece of work this man did was beautiful, no matter if portrait or penis! The directors tell his story with a focus on his homosexuality and hedonism and his extraordinary ambitions to become one of the most important artists of all times.

We meet a few of his most important lovers and how they influenced him (Sam Wagstaff!!!) and his work and we learn a lot about his exzessive lifestyle in the SM scene. He died in the age of 42 from the effects of AIDS. And again everyone cried in the room, it’s awful to be remembered these days and how many this fucking virus took away from us.


However: watch this film, Mapplethorpes estate is stunning and huge, especially for someone who died that young.

I want to close this diary entry with Maddies words: “Don’t be silly, put a condom on your Willie!“