Berlinale 2016 Day 7

“Des nouvelles de la planète Mars / News from planet Mars“ by Dominik Moll (Out of competition)! I ran into this masterpiece by accident and it’s one of my favorites of the festival now! Philippe Mars is a nice guy, trying to prevent trouble and discussions. But all of a sudden everything tip up: his son is a super vegetarian and his daughter a swot, who doesn’t think the best of him, his nerdy colleague Jerôme freaks out and so Philippe changes.

This movie is so funny and full with black humor, things get get more and absurd. You really should give it a try, you won’t stop laughing.

“Inside the Chinese Closet” by Sophia Luvarà (in Panorama Documents)

Andy is gay, his father knows that, but still wants him to marry a girl. Cherry is a lezzy and already in a fake marriage, but her mother stills wants her to get a child. The parents want it, because the people talk. Most of the Chinese people are still trapped in conventions and so the young LGBTI* community has to deal with a lot of pressure, trying to find compromises with and for their concerned relatives.
The dialogues between Andy and his father are so annoying, as a western socialized lesbian you just want to slap Andy and his father and yell: “Relax, old man! And Andy: stop being such a coward!” But China is still very traditional and things change slowly, so you’ve got to be understanding.

A very interesting portrait of a different divided world.


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