Berlinale 2016 Day 8

“Curumim” by Marcos Prado (in Panorama Documents)! This is a real disturbing story about Marco Archer, a Brazilian drug dealer, who got sentenced to death in Indonesia for smuggling cocaine. While waiting for his execution he filmed his life in jail with a tiny camera. He’s surrounded by the terrorists of the Bali assassination in 2002, his only friend is the Italian Juri, who tried to help him with another drug smuggling attempt and also failed.


Well, it’s pretty hard to watch this one, because he is (understandably) next to the treck and it’s irritating and annoying. But in the end you still can rely on him and the end will make you very angry.
In the Q&A afterwards the director and the Italian inmate told us, that Indonesia is permeated with corruption and drug dealer face death penalty while terrorists with sharp bombs only get a few bombs, because they didn’t kill anyone. The director doesn’t believe thatches movie ever will be shown in Indonesia, only as a bootleg. Watch the trailer HERE

“WEEKENDS“ by Lee Dong-ha (in Panorama Documents)

Seoul got a very active LGBTQI community, although the Christians are very fanatic. So there’s a lot to sing about and “G-Voice“, the gay men choir, does it. It exists since 2003 and they’re not just a cover band. During their meetings and dinners they talk and reflect about everything and create new lyrics. And they support striker and anyone who needs help, while a few of them are still in the closet
This movie is adorable, it’s a mixture of music videos and interviews, both funny or sad and intense.
I really liked this one, the company of this guys cheered me up after the guy in prison!