Berlinale 2016 Day 9

“TORO” by Martin Hawie (in Perspektive Deutsches Kino / Perspective of German Cinema)! A feature film about a Polish hustler, Piotr aka Toro, who collects money to turn back home and his best friend Victor, also a hooker, but without any plan and a junkie. Victor owes the wrong people too much money and as his sister visits him spontaneous things won’t get better, although Toros always on his side. The photography of the movie is great: black and white, pretty rough look.

But the two guys are really annoying. After thirty minutes you want to slap Victor in the face and yell: “Stop whining, you stupid emo junkie idiot!” And Toro is always on the edge, like a steam engine he’s running around with his inner conflict and you want to slap him also and say: “Get over it, catholic idiot!”. (I’m a little bit harsh here, actually he is a caring guy, but… ) It really got boring, BUT it’s still worth a look, I like the camera that much. And it’s the second feature film of director Hawie, so I am sure he didn’t have enough time to shoot. I’m curious about his next movie.

“Zero Days” by Alex Gibney (in Competition)

Yep, a documentary again. But this one is real big: it’s about the computer worm called Stuxnet that infiltrated an Iranian nuclear plant and started the cyber war we’re in and didn’t really notice, although Edward Snowden stooped our noses in the poo. The director talks with a lot of people of the CIA and NSA who are involved, but can’t really talk about it. This story is so exciting, especially the visualization. I’m pretty sure, this movie won’t win any Award, but it’s been the right decision to show it in the competition. And no, you won’t need a hat made out of aluminium, you gonna need a lot of prayers (if you have a God). I am very alarmed now and gonna buy a lot of bottled water.