Maggie Gyllenhaal

Berlinale 2017 -Day 1

Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival – Day 1! Another sensation is the attendance of Berlinale darling Wang Quan’an from China. Since 1999 he shows movies in Berlin and also won a Golden Bear in 2007. He’s once more the proof of the focus on political topics at our beloved festival. Diego Luna is a mexican actor and director who worked in a plenty of Hollywood productions but also works his ass off for the Latin American community. Dora Bouchoucha Fourati is a producer from Tunisia who created a huge network of support for filmmakers and writers in the African/Arabian world. I know, this comment is absolutely inappropriate, but what a beauty!

At least the artist Olafur Eliasson supports the team. In his sculptures he fills rooms with mud or creates rainbows. He’s a master of light and installation, he creates images in another way.

This year mixture is simply great. There isn’t one big super star but all of them made a lot of cool stuff in diverse surroundings.

Unbelievable but true: there wasn’t a big talk about politics today. Maggie Gyllenhaal just said that there is a big movement in her country and that she’s very proud of it. The rest was bla bla about the emotion of film and so.  Simply not spectacular, but we will see.

Not spectacular is the perfect word for the opener “Django” by Etienne Comar

It’s a biopic about the Sinti Guitarist Django Reinhardt. He is one of the founders of the European Jazz and the so called Gipsy Swing. The movie is about the years 1943-1945, when Django was a superstar in Paris. Life went on and he gave big concerts with a lot of Nazi- and Wehrmachts -officers in the audience. They loved his music and wanted him to make a big tour in Germany, but he fled and tried to reach Switzerland, knowing that his family is pursued by the Nazis.

He has a little love affair with a beautiful woman (Cecil dé France) who helps him, his  pregnant wife and mother to get out of Paris.

To be honest: the music is the best part of the movie. And I am so not a Jazz fan.

Reda Kateb did a great performance, he portrayed the egoistic but still torn artist very convincing, but the whole movie is very boring. Don’t know why they chose this one as the opener. Yes, I am totally aware that there are still not enough movies about the persecution of the Roma and Sinti and that they still have to deal with racism and pogroma. The story is told in such a conventional static way, it doesn’t touch you. At the end of the movie I cried like shit, knowing this is still going on. But it’s simply not a good movie, no-one is overwhelming and I know the story and those acts have the potential.

But the music: Holy shit, I’m a fan now!


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