Berlinale 2017 – Day 2

Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival – Day 2!  Second day and I already found my favorite movie. I’m pretty sure. “Karera ga Honki de Amu toki wa//Close-Knit“ by Naoko Ogigami in Panorama Special! Plus “T2 Transporting“ by Danny Boyle Out of Competition – Watch it, it’s a masterpiece!

“Karera ga Honki de Amu toki wa//Close-Knit“ by Naoko Ogigami in Panorama Special

Eleven years old Tomo is going through rough times: her mother’s doesn’t take care of her, so she needs the help of her uncle as usual. He tells her about woman in his life and that she’s kind of special to him and in general: Rinko is a trans*woman. Immediately there is a strong bond between this silent and angry tomboy and the maternal girlfriend and the three start to be a family. But as usual the people don’t understand other concepts of life, they have to face a lot of trouble. A lot of trouble means a lot of knitting and so they just do it.

This movie tells four different, but connected stories. It’s a coming of age story in many facets: finding out who you are, accept who you are, love others and accept who you love and defend what you love and about letting go. This sounds so kitschy, but it’s not a second. Seeing this little angry girl fighting with herself is so depressing, but on the other hand it’s such a funny movie! Tears of laughter are very close to the sad ones.

I also love how they talk about diversity. Trans*sexuality and homosexuality are explained as simple as it is but also as complicated as it is. In a little supportive surrounding it’s nothing, but if only one loved person judges it as illness, your live feels like shit. I don’t know how, but the director Ogigami always finds a way to get out of those depressive thoughts. Maybe it’s because no dialogue is too much, all of them have a meaning and there’s no need to fill the silence with “deep conversations“.

The photography also is beautiful. Cherry tree lanes, koi ponds, a traditional wedding and all the yummy food: Hot pots, bento and onigris!

If you can make it watch this movie. 127 minutes of fun and sadness and you really need to find out what the knitting means.

“T2 Transporting“ by Danny Boyle Out of Competition

Depressing: it’s 20 years later. Rent Boy returns to Edinburgh and faces his demons or rather his former gang. Sick Boy is still an asshole, Spud a junkie and Franco a psychopath. None could turn their life around. Especially seeing Spud like this is heart-breaking, he really always tried his best. The story of his failure is told in a funny way but it’s not funny at all.

That’s what the sequel needed. Telling a rapid story with an unique style but never ignoring what drugs mean: egoism, danger and isolation.

But it’s really hard to accept because again Boyle found so intoxicating pictures and music that it would give you a hard time to explain someone why heroin is such a bad idea. It’s pure eye-porn.

“Nostalgia“, this word is important in T2. Spud often reflects on old times, we can see the young dudes. My god, Ewan Mc Gregor was such a charming skinhead, but it’s also a brilliant instrument to explain the younger people what the hype is all about. Are we just nostalgic, do we only dream about old times? I did a little bit, because I remembered a snowy day in Edinburgh years ago. (Hey Janine!)

So yes, thinking about the old times is important, because Rent Boy pissed a lot of people of and destroyed a lot. Lots of open bills. Doyle kept a few old elements, but with the new possibilities in tech he found a complete new of expressing his aesthetics. Sometimes he may wanted too much and got a little pathetic, but he’s still cruel and has a ton of black humor. And I really hat Franco. He’s so aggressive, I always covered my eyes expecting violence and blood. Freaking Asshole. But he also grows up… in a way… in a Franco way!

Watch it, it’s a masterpiece. We’re old now, but we still have visions. And a good taste of music.