Berlinale 2017 – Day 4

Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival – Day 4! Seven days cruising with hundreds of gay guys, every night another motto party, fun and adventure 24/7. This sounds like a dream came true and it is. But under the frivolous appearance the men still have a story and tons of questions. Dipankar from India decided to free himself and to life is sexuality and is overwhelmed by the opportunities and compares himself with the others. Ramzi from Palestine already found his love and doesn’t want to come out to his family, not knowing how they would react. Philippe in his wheelchair urges us to live our life to the fullest.

“Dream Boat“ by Tristan Ferland Milewski in Panorama Documents

DREAM BOAT – Preview

Being gay in Palestine? Better not. Please meet Ramzi on the #DreamBoat …

Join us at the world premiere on Feb 11, 2:45pm at #Berlinale!
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Posted by DreamBoat on Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017


Mottoparties like “Drag“ or “White Party“ create nice and also silly images and Milewski found them for his big-screen-debut. Dancing in the sunrise, packed lifts, a pool full of tiny speedos. A lot of cliches but never judging and always reminding us of the struggles in the community like HI-V, aging role models, hedonism and the fear of aging alone or not being beautiful inside and outside to find someone.

The dialogues are short but touching and a proof for a sensitive heart.

And all of this visual perfection is completed by an extra-ordinary soundtrack swinging between classic and techno made by Tristans husband Claude Ferland Milewski. I already cried after five minutes, it’s just beautiful.

After the movie Dipankar said that he came out to his family and colleagues and all of them reacted supportive and that his trip changed his life. Ramzi saw the movie as an opportunity to show Palestine that there’s more than politics although he knows that the people still have too many other things to think about than for than equality.

I guess we have a Teddy winner here.

“Félicité“ by Alain Gomis in Competition

Felicity is a singer in bar in Kinshasa. She’s independent and doesn’t talk bullshit. She observes the people around her and when she starts to sing she can forget everything. One day her son gets wounded very bad in a car accident and she needs money for his operation. So she runs around he city and asks everyone she can. She doesn’t care about the rejection, her stubbornness helps her through. But it gets harder and harder, she has to bear a lot of insults. Only Tabu, a charming loony filou from the pub helps her without asking for anything in return.

Okay, I’m sorry: not my kind of movie. The music is really nice, but Gomis wanted too much. Everybody’s just looking and if the people talk, it’s so annoying. Yes, I can imagine that there is some kind of codex if someone is mourning or something else bad happens. I believe that there are “standard gestures“. But this staring is annoying, because there happens nothing in Félicités face. Well, she’s a very sad but also proud woman, but maybe the director should have let her communicate about it and not just let her running through the woods in a white dress. Beautiful pictures and a hard contrast to the trash filled streets of Kinshasa and totally clear that it’s kind of an inner journey, but it’s just kitsch.

Véro Tshanda Beya looks beautiful and I believe her that she’s stressed out, but 20 minutes less still would have been enough.

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