Berlinale 2017 – Day 6

Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival – Day 6! Axel is a cute boy who loves thinking about black matter, singing with his sister and arguing with the other ones. The sisters have a lot of friends and they’re always welcome in the big apartment, He also loves his mother and sometimes he teases all of them.  One sister is very desperate and needs a lot of advices. A normal family with an unaffected household despite the fact that the mother lives in a locked room beneath the bathroom. The family can chat with her through a tiny window and they do this a lot about love and books.

“Adiós enthusiasm / So Long Enthusiasm“ by Vladimir Durán in Forum

What a weird movie. The whole family is acting as if it’s completely okay that their mother lives in a locked-up chamber, chatting the whole time. It seems as if she wanted to be on her own, but demands her family around her.

A real interesting experiment, but also a little bit annoying. It’s not really possible to find anyone nice and the dialogues are of useless. It’s Durán’s debut and he maybe had too much ideas and needed a little more editing or a decision between running around with the camera and intense acting. I’m still not a fan of all the looking remain silent.

Very hard 74 minutes, but the plot is worth a look.

“Headbang Lullaby“ by Hicham Lasri in Panorama Special

This is maybe the most impressive aesthetics you might see this year!

Daoud works the Maroccan government and on a legendary day in 1986 he has to go into the countryside to guard a highway-bridge between two hostile communities. He has a damaged head and isn’t a very outgoing guy and so he stands in the middle of nowhere and jumps from one absurd situation into the next one. He meets crazy village leaders, cops, a lonely kid and a weird mother. Sometimes people talk the whole time and it’s annoying and sometimes no-one speaks and that’s annoying, too. The cut could have been a little bit shorter, but maybe it’s just another kind of storytelling? Funny anyways.

The colors and the pictures are so cool. You can see the heat, the style is unique. Although everything seems like well planned, a few situations were unscripted.

It’s also a history lesson, I didn’t know anything about the Bread-Revolt.

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