#BerlinArtWeek – Some people love Fall. I personally despise it, and one of the things that make it bearable is the perspective of the Art World coming to Berlin. I’m not going to beat around the bush, this year is a very good one. The location at Flughafen Tempelhof (the former airport was one of Europe’s most iconic places to fly) is classic – many fairs have been held here – but it works wonderfully. 

Can I borrow 900 000USD? I need to buy an Alice Neel

As the Art Industry crowd spends SO MUCH time in airports, is there anywhere more homey and comfy to host an event? Spacious halls, odd means of transportations (like the shuttle I took to go from Art Berlin to Position), nostalgic signage : it’s already fun.

The selection of galleries is generous but not overwhelming with 120 galleries for Art Berlin and 74 for Positions. It’s a good idea to have the two fairs in the same space. Finally, we can stop losing time between the two. I wished Positions was easier to find though. Here are my highlights. I probably missed some good pieces, and as always it’s very painting oriented, so it’s open to debate.


Photo : Alice Neel – Aurel Schieber

Photo : Zhang Winqing- Aurel Scheibler

Aurel Scheibler : Alice Neel, Zhang Wanqing and Vivian Greven amongst others

Alice Neel is one of the most important portrait painters of the 20th century. This being considered, the price is quite affordable if you compare it to her male conterparts. History is changing and art historians are finally making space for women artists, so it’s surely a wise investment. The painting that Aurel Scheibler and its team is presenting is a masterpiece. I knew it already but had never seen it in real. It’s magnificent. As informed by the staff, it’s part of her later work. Maybe it was the success finally hitting her, but there’s a luscious feeling. It’s incredibly precise in the tones and drawing. Oh, what a lucky person the one who will take it back home!

Photo: Axel Pahlavi

Edmond Gallery : Axel Pahlavi

Pahlavi’s name circulates a lot between the little crowd of French figurative painters. They say he’s a great painter and a great man. I don’t know about the latter, but he’s surely the most gifted naturalistic painter France has seen since a long time (all the way to Philippe de Champaigne? LOL!).

Photo : Barbara Thumm

Barbara Thumm : the whole booth

The installation is cleverly put together in harmony with the space and its peculiar light sources. The booth is great, and I’m sure we’ll see it a lot on Insta.

With Diango Hernandez, Katie Holten and Anna K.E.

Photo : Tom Wesselmann

Klaus Benden : the whole booth

Well, they are presenting really cool things form the American Pop Art and more : Tom Wesselmann, Andy Warhol, Alex Katz, and more. It would be super sad not to stop by.

Photo : Akos Ezer 

Tanja Pol : Akos Ezer

Eder’s work is really eye-catching with his skin treatment similar to Kristina Schuldt, the scenes reminding of Neo Rauch and the overall distortion of the figure being very contemporary american figurative (I’m thinking about Louis Fraction here). I was magnetized by the work.

Photo : Michael John Kelly

Setareh : Michael John Kelly

For the sense of space irradiating from the painting.

Photo : Eigen + Art

Photo : Antje Majewski

Eigen + Art and neugerriemschneider (Antje Majewski and many others)

Always fun, always well done.

On the other hand, I was expecting a great booth from König and it was really underwhelming with a random collection of artists, a terrible lighting and position in the fair… Next time.

Photo : View – Daniel Lannes


Photo : Michel Castaignet

Maksa XO : Michel Castaignet

After a Berlin winter, Castaignet has been working in the Sicilian sun and brought back some imaginative oils on glass. Selfless and intuitive, they are refreshing.

Photo : Miriam Vlaming

Galerie Von & Von : Miriam Vlaming

The dynamic gallery from Nuremberg defends the great work of Miriam Vlaming.

Photo : Dana Holst

Christopher Cutts : Dana Holst

With prices that are far from intimidating (starting 500€), Christopher Cutts brings young canadian artists to Berlin since 15 years. This piece in particular got my attention.


When? till  30th Sept 2018

Where? Flughafen Tempelhof. Get off at Paradestrasse, it’s right in front


ART BERLIN FAIR :  Opening Ticket: 36 € – day ticket: 18 € – reduced Ticket: 12 € – family ticket: 38 €

POSITIONS :  Opening: 6 Euro Daily: 12 Euro / Reduced: 6 Euro – Evening: 6 Euro / from 6 pm, Sunday from 4 pm


Ehemalige Tabakfabrik Heidelberger Platz

Please do explore the Former Tobacco Fabric with the massive group show Passengers of a Kaleidoscopic Journey : over 40 artists, hailing from places as diverse as Los Angeles, Berlin and Istanbul unite for a exhibition, curated by Semra Sevin, showcasing the concept of kaleidoscopic identity.

Berliner Festspiele – Immersion
The New Infinity

New art for planetariums

With David OReilly, Holly Herndon & Mathew Dryhurst, Fatima Al Qadiri & Transforma and William Basinski | Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand

Recent developments in the digital world are presenting the analogue era’s infrastructures with new challenges. And this also applies to planetariums, which have served as gateways into the infinity of starry skies, and thus, a space for unbounded, communal experiences of immersion, for a hundred years. In combination with digital technology and mobile architecture, the planetarium can enable new experiences, create new communities and facilitate events, also for an audience that the arts often find hard to reach. Itself a globally prevalent kind of hardware, the planetarium is an ideal device to democratise and spread experiences of technology and contemporary art. It allows for a very timely form of global simultaneity.

In their programme series “The New Infinity”, Berliner Festspiele and Planetarium Hamburg will present new artistic fulldome productions from the autumn of 2018. Fulldome describes the technically maximum image impression of our time, to be shared and experienced as a group. Planetarium Hamburg is one of the leading institutions of its kind. It has the highest numbers of visitors in the German-speaking region and is an important protagonist within the International Planetarium Society. The planetarium would like to continue along the path of opening itself to artistic content and propagating it via its network. With its state-of-the-art technical equipment, it holds undreamed-of potential for immersive encounters.

The New Infinity New art for planetariums
till 14 October 2018 find out more HERE

Mobile Dome Mariannenplatz Free admission

The World on Paper. Deutsche Bank Collection at PalaisPopulaire

300 masterworks of contemporary art

Basim Magdy 1977

Paper is easy to use and at the same time experimental. It has an unpretentious, intimate aura, is subtle and haptic. Even in the age of digitaliztion, paper is a medium on which the world is depicted. With around 300 highlights and new discoveries from the Deutsche Bank Collection, The World on Paper shows the fascination the medium of paper has exerted on artists since postwar Modernism and how this at once sensual and pragmatic material has continually opened up new creative possibilities.

The exhibition illustrates the global orientation of the Deutsche Bank Collection. In total, the selection encompasses 133 artists from 34 countries, including Doug Aitken, Joseph Beuys, Ellen Gallagher, Sigmar Polke, Dieter Roth, and Atsuko Tanaka.

September 27, 2018 – January 1, Unter den Linden 5, 10117 Berlin

have a look also at Berlin Art Week for all news around the art fest in Berlin.


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