#Lookbook! BERNHARD WILLHEM S/S 18 presents a developmental and intertwined crossover at the intersection of local and global narratives, furthering his commentary on the present and future state of humanity and the world. The collection manifests physical and cultural displacement, and its symbolic significances. It highlights THE EXILED; often and commonly viewed as THE OTHER, both accumulative terms of sentiments that can be observed and felt on physical and emotional levels – That through exclusion and re-appropriated sense of inclusion evoke a higher spiritual and expansive state of awareness.

With a tropical version of the ANUBIS – Egyptian God of the dead – as lead emblem, appearing throughout the collection, Willhelm juxtaposes this morbid representation with “the black hole; a space where all light is absorbed”, bodybuilders, Hawaiian tourists, tropical sunsets, gender-balancing flowers, Tobago cactuses and maritime life-forms, all visual cues that contribute to an imaginary sense of utopia.

TROPICAL BERNHARD WILLHELM encapsulates an OCEANIC FEELING, articulated through maritime attributes such fish-fin-like details, aquatic and coral colors and wave flowing silhouettes, drawing on connections to totality and wholeness. The sea is further expressed though a blue dotted print merging into a stingray pattern, created by Willhelm collaborators Stephan Maier and Carsten Fock’s typography.

text by Carsten Fock and Stephan Maier

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