Björk´s New Album “Vulnicura” Is Out

What a surprise this morning. Icelandic superstar and music icon Björk published last night her new album “Vulnicura” via iTunes. Björk says: “I am so grateful you are still interested in my work !! I appreciate every little bit !!! I wanted to tell you the tale of making of this album. I guess I found in my lap one year into writing it a complete heartbreak album . kinda surprised how thoroughly I had documented this in pretty much accurate emotional chronology …. like 3 songs before a break up and three after . so the anthropologist in me sneaked in and i decided to share them as such. First I was worried it would be too self indulgent but then I felt it might make it even more universal; and hopefully the songs could be a help , a crutch to others and prove how biological this process is: the wound and the healing of the wound  psychologically and physically. It has a stubborn clock attached to it ” read more HERE



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