Blog Of The Week: Hot Renaissance Men

The ‘bearded men trend’ has highs and lows, but I know I love myself a bearded man. Everything renaissance also has a sweet spot for me, so combine men with renaissance and what do you get? The perfect blog. Hot Renaissance Men is a blog full of, well, hot men from the renaissance. Through history we see that even then beards ruled. See how the guy holding the naked white statue looks intensely into your soul. You can submit photos to the blog. Go check it out!

Veronese - Portrait of a man in furs,
Titian, Jacopo Strada 1567f.jpg,
Titian - Portrait of Benedetto Varchi,
lorenzo lotto - portrait-of-a-gentleman,
Il Gaetano, Portrait of Jacopo Boncompagni (1574),
Giuseppe Cesari (Il Cavaliere d’Arpino), Portrait of a Young Architect, 1591 (1),
FLEMISH SCHOOL - Charles-Alexandre de Croÿ, Marquis d'Havré and Duc de Croÿ (1581 - 1624) and His first wife Yolande de Ligne,