Body Movements Festival 2021

Celebrating the full spectrum of queer club culture, Body Movements is a brand new festival taking place across 16 spaces in Hackney Wick, London on Saturday 9th October 2021. Uniting LGBTQI+ collectives from across the UK dance music scene and beyond, Body Movements invites the queer community to join together for a kaleidoscopic celebration, sharing stages, dancefloors, energy, and body movements. From solid party starters to performance troops and some of the most imitable creative minds in queer club culture, each collective will bring its own style and flair to the show. Offering a unique day and night program, the carefully curated lineup will see over 40 emerging and established queer, non-binary, and trans artists, performing across Hackney Wick’s industrial labyrinth. Announced in the coming weeks, Body Movements’ music program is unlike anything seen before in London. From grassroots talent to international greats from the global LGBTQI+ community, Body Movements aims to shine a light on the people who remain integral to LGBTQI+ club culture.

Body Movements co-Founder and Music Director, Saoirse Ryan said “The queer clubbing scene has always been renowned for some of the best parties to ever exist. Body Movements wants to give prominence to those artists, parties, and clubbers by bringing them all together and serving up a truly unique festival for the UK”

Body Movements Co-Founder and Little Gay Brother stalwart, Clayton Wright adds “Body Movements is the first time that these queer music makers and crews, who make our industry so exciting and formidable, have come together like this. It’s about solidarity, celebrating each other’s subculture, and connecting with people and parties that you may have never experienced before. Everyone involved is pushing boundaries and creating spaces that are hugely important to our LGBTQI+ community. It’s queer clubbing at its finest.”

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