BOYS DO CRY Spring/Summer 2019 by Dora Hegedus

Introducing fashion designer Dora Hegedus with an exclusive fashion editorial. Photography by Wanda Martin. Models are Dan, Andras signed at The Roster Model Management and Aron signed at Face Model Management. Make up by Anna Schneider. Hair by Zoltan Toth. Dora Hegedus has just completed MA Fashion and Textile design course at one of the most prestigious art universities of Hungary, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. She founded her genderless brand in 2016, which brings into focus the 70s-80s urban vibe, rebel characters & genderless design from the heart of Eastern Europe.

The goal to define a line, which combines traditional techniques like weaving or hand-dying with contemporary shapes and tries to find the balance between old and new, traditional and innovative designs. The aim is to develop collections, which are bold and extreme and at the same time functional and wearable. DoraHegedus creates products of high quality, but the styles and technologies could be changed depends on the market.

The Postmodern Revolution of Men

How much are men pressed to meet the demands constructed by society? Can they challenge these demands by expressing their emotions? Are they allowed at all to cry? The newest collection by DoraHegedus for AW 2018, entitled Boys Do Cry features men who address these questions by the means of fashion.

In Search of Male Characters

Fashion designer Dora Hegedus aims to call attention to the changing image of the ‘classic’ male, the stereotypes around male and female roles, and how masculinity is being idealized.

“In my newest collection I studied a line of various male characters. I wanted to investigate the feminine and masculine aspects of modern men to demonstrate that no sharp line can been drawn between these two dimensions, even if it feels society would expect men to do so.”

Streetwear Refined

Speaking the fashionista lingo: different textures indicate how feminine and masculine traits are coupled. Soft, light, flounced and exaggerated silhouettes and embroideries are mingling with classic masculine textures of tweed suits and forms reflecting sports- or streetwear.

The collection is marked by a multitude of colours and patterns. Bright red, yellow, green outfits and stripes, tartan and floral decors are featured. A unique material was produced to suit the collection, inspired by the designs of the Pre-Raffaelite artist William Morris – both linings, shirts and tops reflect his artworks.

”Besides highlighting frills, my designs also embrace corsets further invigorating feminine associations. I kept the original function of corsets to manipulate silhouettes, but I applied them to classic menswear or streetwear pieces as trench coats, bomber jackets, or pant legs.”

Inspirations Across Centuries

Inspirations for Boys Do Cry can be traced back to the Renaissance. The designer studied changes in men’s fashion during a wide spectrum of centuries. She used 15th-century styles emphasizing the hipline, the enormous frills and Spanish ruffs of Baroque, extravagances of Rococo, and the dandy style of the 18th-19th centuries.

The collection merges historical inspirations with postmodern thinking of the 1960-70s which is characterized by an impossibility to separate styles, deconstruction and re-construction, intertextuality, dissolution of borders, self-centeredness, and a vigorous search for identification and identity. This Zeitgeist gets visible in the works of the designer.

Postmodern Freedom

“When designing the collection, my primary sources of inspiration were well-known characters who are Icons of the postmodern era, showcasing everything my collection wishes to represent. The identity of my works are defined by the revolution and the desire of freedom, by the mix of masculine and feminine traits that are characteristic of Rock’n’Roll – figures like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Patti Smith or, from the 1980-90s, Nick Cave, Kurt Cobain, and the Joy Division.”

The collection featuring streetwear and high fashion elements strive to obliterate the sharp line between male and female roles. From the range between the extravagant corset pants and floral-pattern bomber jacket everyone can find pieces that suits their personality.

Design and Art Direction by Dora Hegedus / / @hegedusdora

Photography by Wanda Martin / / Instagram: @wanda_martin

Model is Andras signed at The Roster Model Management / Instagram: @theroster_mgmt / Aron signed at Face Model Management / Instagram: @facemodelmanagementhungary / Dan

Make up by Anna Schneider/ @schneiderana

Hair by Zoltan Toth / @zoltan.the.toth