Bruce Weber´s: The Razzmatazz Men’s Club

Photography icon Bruce Weber captured Aurelien Muller, Cole Monahan, Frankie Cammarata, Garrett Taber, Juan Heridita, Kenneth Guidroz Jr and Olivier Bonnard for the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Vogue Hommes International. Styling by Deborah Watson.


The-Razzmatazz-Mens-Club_fy3 +
The-Razzmatazz-Mens-Club_fy4 +
The-Razzmatazz-Mens-Club_fy5 +
The-Razzmatazz-Mens-Club_fy6 +
The-Razzmatazz-Mens-Club_fy7 +
The-Razzmatazz-Mens-Club_fy8 +
The-Razzmatazz-Mens-Club_fy9 +


Vogue Hommes International

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