C.P. COMPANY F/W19 Paris Mon Amour feat. REJJIE SNOW

#Campaign – C.P. Company presents the latest episode in their Eyes On The City series. ‘Paris Mon Amour’ featuring Irish artist Rejjie Snow on the streets and boulevards of Paris. Having visited the French capital during his formative years, the city has played an important part in developing Rejjie’s art.

Providing a new lexicon to weave into lyrics, as well as a blank canvas for his art, it’s a love affair that shows no signs of stopping.


C.P. Company’s Eyes On The City pays homage to the authenticity of its community:
through the personal perspective of its people, Eyes On The City explores different urban scenarios and exceptional landscapes that develop an unique narrative.

Paris can often feel like an evasive kind of city, one with two distinct faces. To most outsiders, it’s the thronged open-air museum full of photo opportunities and antique tourist landmarks, a place of static and overwhelming establishment beauty. But there’s another side of Paris, one that the city itself tends to hold back for locals and those in the know. This fervent and frenetic modern metropolis is one that still permits new memories to be made, that still feels up for grabs. For the Dublin-born rapper Rejjie Snow, it took time to undress and understand it.

Gradually, though, he was able to pierce the veneer that Paris puts up to protect itself and find his own way in. “I didn’t immediately understand the Parisian way of life,” admits Rejjie. “I kind of had that ‘Paris Syndrome’ thing, plus the food was strange and it took me a while to get used to kissing people when you greet them. The first few times I was in Paris, though, it was with Americans – since then, I’ve made some good friends here who really define the essence of the city and its culture.”

The French capital has come to live inside Rejjie’s music, its presence heavy throughout last year’s debut album Dear Annie, on which the rapper wedded the whip-smart lyrical sorties and Irish-American brogue that have always marked him out from his peers with a newfound loverboy edge. “Going to Paris in my formative years really defined a lot of my understanding of the female,” he says. “Parisian women are so strong and powerful. My first time there, I saw them painting graffiti, driving buses – leading, I guess, in ways I hadn’t encountered before.

‘Mon Amour’, a vocal duet with Milena Leblanc, is the most obvious ode to the City of Lights. Its airy, swooning Francophone chorus is flushed with the exhilarating lack of care that settles on a person when infatuation strikes, while ‘Désolé’ features a spoken word interlude from Leblanc describing exactly that scenario, coupled with productions from Lewis OfMan who offers the kind of wonderfully aimless organs and keys that have been synonymous with Parisian music since Serge Gainsbourg rocked up to the party chain-smoking in the 1960s. In fact, once you start listening for Paris on the record, it’s hard not to hear it everywhere, an indefinable lightness of touch that permeates the scene-setting second tracks ‘Rainbows’, ‘Room 27’, ‘Charlie Brown’ and closing song ‘Greatness’.

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