C.P. Company presents A Love Letter to Dublin

Shot on the streets of Dublin the latest Eyes on the City film from C.P. Company focuses on rap artist Rejjie Snow and the special relationship he has with his hometown. Titled ‘A Love Letter To Dublin’ the film captures the various people and places that have helped form Rejjie into a figurehead of the Irish hip-hop scene. www.cpcompany.com

Rejjie Snow, Eyes On The City, Dublin

It’s in the nature of cities to be absorbing, overwhelming places. Built from the ground- up over hundreds of years, it’s impossible to avoid getting sucked into the looming tangles of buildings and bus routes, the noise, light and superhuman heat. Eventually and invariably people themselves become part of the manic whirling rhythm of cities, which is how a city goes about making itself your home. There are benefits to this, of course – knowing the best late-night spots to find fun and solace, ensuring those bus routes don’t leave you stranded miles from bed in the pouring rain – but as more time in the chaos accrues it’s tough not to lose your sense of perspective, an idea of what the city looks like to those outsides. Often, the only time we see our cities for what they really are is when we go away and glance at them from a distance. Often, we best appreciate our cities as we hover in holding patterns over hometown airports, peering down at the array of lights below. Read the full story HERE

Director: Joshua Gordon Creative Direction: LAW Production: LAW Producer: Harriet Towler Director of Photography: Harry Wheeler Stylist: LAW & Jake Day Editor: Matt Kitchin Focus Puller: Pete Wade 2nd Assistant Camera: Louise McEllin Production Assistant: Hannah-Claire Gordon Sound Recordist: Matthew Thomson Sound Design: Matt Kitchin Sound Mix: Graham Norman Music: Brian Mc Namara Colourist: Jason Wallis @ ETC Poet: John Cummins Dancer: Tiegan Byrne