Candy Ken for Terry Richardson

Our favorite candy – Mister Candy Ken lensed by the one and only Terry Richardson! DOPE! If you ever wanted to know how Candy Ken looks without his underwear have a look here. We hat a little chat with Candy Ken about his time in New York and future plans. Candy Ken´s new EP – DADDY69 is out and check the “Candy Ken at my studio session” here:

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KALTBLUT: We love your shot with THE MASTER Terry Richardson.. Tell us how was ist working with an icon like Terry?

CANDY KEN: Omg! The best. We love the same shit. Terry + Ken = DREAMTEAM

KALTBLUT: You did the photos in New York.. Did he contact you to do the photos?

CANDY KEN: Nope! Nicola Formichetti introduced me and organized a shooting for “Man About Town” Magazine


KALTBLUT: He named you DADDY! Hehe.. how does it feels like that he has a crush on you? Are you Proud?

CANDY KEN: You know u made it when Terry calls u daddy!!!

KALTBLUT: Tell us more about your trip to New York.. What have you done there? Did you played a concert?

CANDY KEN: Diesel booked me for Pride Week + they announced Gay Marriage in all of the US 2 days before and so millions of beautiful people participate and showed love during a huge parade. I was on top of the Diesel wagon waving and blowing kisses in some cute Diesel panties – best time.

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KALTBLUT: You have worked with big names in the fashion world during the last year. Are there any names you wanna work next with?

CANDY KEN: Miley + Jeremy 4sure

KALTBLUT: You do fashion and your music. What do you love more?

CANDY KEN: I love being creative – does not matter if photoshoot, music video or recording a song – its all about creative productivity and working with inspiring people.


KALTBLUT: How proud are your friends and family about you? You are from a small town in Austria and you are taking the fashion/music world from there.. I only can guess how proud they are.

CANDY KEN: Family + friends are super proud but my town still does not get it – I’m a rebel here hahahah

KALTBLUT: What is coming next for you? What are you plans for the last weeks of 2015?


CANDY KEN: Releasing my first album + concerts in England and Germany

Candy Kens new EP : DADDY69 OUT NOW

All photos by Terry Richardson

SNAPCHAT: candyken69