Candy Ken in New York – An Interview

Our favourite Austrian artist Candy Ken is back at KALTBLUT with a new fashion editorial from New York. He started his rapping career in Berlin, releasing his first EP, Welcome to Candy Land back in in 2014 as a self-directed video series on YouTube. His modeling career started when he was noticed on Instagram in 2015 by stylist and Diesel brand creative designer Nicola Formichetti, who invited him to do a photo shoot for a photo session in Formichetti’s Japanese magazine FREE. We had a chat with Candy Ken about his trip to NY, the new EP Candy Trap and why he performed with gay icon Amanda Lepore. All photos by David Mesa.

KALTBLUT: Hey Candy Ken. Welcome back at KALTBLUT. How are you? And how was your summer 2017? What did you do?
Candy Ken: 2 good – just spent a month in NYC – best time of my life!! Before that I was working crazy on my new EP – super proud and finished it middle of summer and toured then with it in Madrid, Sweden and the US. this summer was super amazing cause I met Kollektiv Sandgasse who is my new producer and tour DJ – he gives Candy Ken a new vibe and much more professional sound!
KALTBLUT:You spent the last few weeks in New York. Tell us more about it. What did you do there?
Candy Ken: Photoshoots, 2 new music-videos and red carpet !!! Was way 2 good – I always wanted to get a feeling for the city and now I know that I have to move there! Its full of creatives and beautiful artists!!! Can´t wait 2 go back.
KALTBLUT: As diligent Instagram followers of you we have seen you have performed with Queer icon Amanda Lepore. And spent the night with Nicola Formichetti. Tell us more about it!
Candy Ken: What an honor ! I love Amanda so much ! I performed with her on Susanne Bartschs ON TOP – best club kid party in NYC !!! Theres even a documentary about Susanne´s life called ON TOP which was the opener of the LGBTQ film festivals in NYC – Nicola and me hit the red carpet 4 dat together – a dream come true !!! He´s my all time fav.
KALTBLUT: For the editorial you worked with photographer David Mesa. Tell us more about the idea of the editorial? Who did the styling?
Candy Ken: David is from Columbia and very talented and cute! He hit me up 2 shoot with him in China Town and I went out full Candy Ken style by myself!! 
KALTBLUT: Let´s talk about your music. You have a new EP out: Candy Trap. Tell us all about.. How many songs? Who produced the new EP?
Candy Ken: Kollektiv Sandgasse!!! We did 6 songs which are my best ones so far and have very different and important concepts! It´s not anymore only about basic bitches and unicorns but also talks about white men privilege and refugees! U gotta listen 2 it right now !!! It´s available everywhere.
KALTBLUT: I love the art work for the EP. Who did it?
Candy Ken: A guy from Russia called Mr. Browngreen ! Crazy talented !!! 
KALTBLUT: Is there a new video in the making?
Candy Ken: Yess!! I´m shooting right now on my halloween special !! Be ready for the most fucked up HORROR CANDY SHOW out on the 31 !!! Some backstage shoots are already on my instagram.
KALTBLUT: Tell us your 4 favourite new music artist.. Who are you personal #onetowatch artist for 2018?
Candy Ken: Kaydy Cain, XXX Tentacion, Lil Pump, Kodak Black.
KALTBLUT: Speaking of 2018.. What are your plans for New Years Eve? And what are your plans for 2018?
Candy Ken: Tokyo! Got booked for a big new years eve show ! Can´t wait !!! 2018 I am planning on moving to NYC and getting signed.


SNAPCHAT: candyken69

All photos by David Mesa @leadventure__