Cara Delevingne 4 TAG Heuer + A Lion Baby

Cuteness alert! Supermodel Cara Delevingne is the new face of the new TAG HEUER campaign. Isn´t she cute with the lion baby? Paris, January the 23rd 2015.. TAG Heuer held Cara Delevingne’s “Welcome to the TAG Heuer Family” fête in the Salle Melpomène, the most beautiful room in the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris. But the real star is the Lion baby.








TAG Heuer says: “Born under the sign of Leo in London in 1992, Cara is the new ruling queen of the media jungle, the It Girl spokesperson for the online generation, and the top fashion model of our day. What is most refreshing about her is the way she navigates so cooly through these high-pressure worlds, with her indomitable take-me-as-I-am élan. Before Cara, top models stared out from magazine covers and walked down catwalks. By just being herself, she doesn’t just give us another pretty picture, but a whole, extraordinary, irreverent and gloriously gorgeous package. She is a true path-breaker, who, like TAG Heuer, pushes past conventions and limits with creativity and passion, and never cracks under pressure. She perfectly embodies the core values of the Swiss brand.”

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