Carlos Gil Fall/Winter 2019-20 – FLICK’MO…

#ModaLisboa – INSIGHT! Our friend fashion designer Carlos Gil unveiled his new womenswear collection last week in Lisbon! Colorblocking at its best. Photos: Ugo Camera

Flick’Mo… carries to the fashion runway the passion of the designer Carlos Gil for painting and artistic freedom through the creation of forms, free and spontaneous traces that express feelings. 

Inspired by the early 20th-century paintings, in a mix of Neoplasticism, Cubism and Abstractionism, the collection reveals a very diverse colour palette and the strong tones that are predominantly in Piet Mondrian’s Neoplasticism, however, with the profusion of organic shapes and vibrant colours of Wassily Kandinsky, but with a composition that seeks for movement and spontaneity, that refers to the Expressive Abstractionism. Also, at the beginning of 20th-century, the woman assumes an increasingly important and active role in society and wins independence that characterizes her as a determined, autonomous and cosmopolitan woman. A woman that finds in her clothes the versatility in use and in the details.

In a very poetic and experimentalist language, the collection reveals a lot of the inner world and the imaginary connected to her own Self.

In the search for a contemporary, elegant and relaxed look, with details that create a Sportswear Chic visual, so characteristic of the Carlos Gil’s Woman.

Born in Nampula in the late 60s, Carlos Gil is graduated in Fashion Design in Portugal and in 1998 he opened his first atelier in Fundão.

The recognition and appreciation of his work led to numerous national and international professional invitations. In 2009, by the Portugal Day celebrations, he was distinguished as “Young Business Successful in Portugal and Abroad” by the Honourable President of the Portuguese Republic. In 2010, was invited to teach at the ETIC school, the course of Fashion Production, a position he holds to this day. 

In 2014, made his debut in ModaLisboa with is “Match Point” collection. In 2015 he was nominated for the award of Best Fashion Designer at the Portuguese XX Golden Globe Awards Gala and honoured by the President of the Portuguese Republic with the “Ordem Infante D. Henrique” distinction. That same year, he was invited to debut the SS16 collection at FashionPhilosophy – Fashion Week Poland.