CDLP by Daniella Midenge

#Campaign – CDLP LENSED BY DANIELLA MIDENGE. The second instalment of CDLP LENSED BY –a series of photographic collaborations by distinguished creatives from around the world–features renowned photographer Daniella Midenge. Strong women, accentuated by their beauty and sensuality, are the hallmark of fashion photographer Daniella Midenge. Her pictures evoke intimacy and passion, beyond the outer shell. Black-and-white or color, her photos have an incredible power of expression that draws the eye of women and men alike.

In the latest “CDLP LENSED BY:” chapter—a series of photo campaigns shot for CDLP by guest creatives—Midenge turns her lens to a masculine subject, something she rarely does. Tadeo, a personal friend, is shot at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills. Midenge captures the same intimate, vivid sensuality characterized by her past work with a sense of humor.

CDLP creative director and film maker Christian Larson met Midenge a few years ago at her studio at Hotel Petit Ermitage in Los Angeles. Fascinated by her work, her charismatic persona and her cheeky Instagram account, Larson called on Midenge as the second collaborator for “CDLP LENSED BY:”, following film director Johan Renck who shot “Valentine Love” with his wife Elin Renck.

“I love the power portrayed in the women Daniella shoots. This is pretty much the first time I have seen her shoot a man, and I was intrigued to find out what her Lens would capture.” Christian Larson.

Photos by @daniellamidenge


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