Celebrating 10 years of Stil vor Talent with Oliver Koletzki

Over the course of the past ten years, Stil vor Talent has striven to support emerging young artists, to continuously broaden and redefine its sound, and, ultimately, to create lasting memories, both on and off the dance floor. Presented by Oliver Koletzki, we recently celebrated this bond on the compilation ’10 Years Stil vor Talent’ and say “Thank you”! Now with a huge festival on the way, we had the chance to chat to creator Oliver Koletzki himself about the project and what more is to come this summer.

KALTBLUT: How and when did Stil Vor Talent begin to evolve?
Oliver Koletzki: In 2005, after my track ‘Der Mückenschwarm’ was released on Sven Väth’s Cocoon, I decided to start Stil vor Talent as a platform for my own music and productions by up and coming young talent. I asked around in my group of friends, who would help me out. Luckily I found a graphic designer, a video director and, most importantly, artists in almost no time.

KALTBLUT: What makes the label different from the rest?
Oliver Koletzki: We stay true to our style, but we also very much consider us part of the scene. Love and attention to detail are the key for us.

KALTBLUT: What have been some of your favourite/most interesting projects to work on recently?
Oliver Koletzki: I was able to perform my music together with a full classical orchestra for two shows in a concert venue in Frankfurt. I was playing the grand piano, which was an amazing experience. Another highlight would be the many Stil vor Talent Festivals, which we have been taking on the road throughout the whole of Germany since last summer.

KALTBLUT: Is there anything in particular that you look for in a producer before singing them?
Oliver Koletzki: The name Stil vor Talent says it all: the producer needs to have his own style and be talented. The personal level is also really important to me, as we are like a family at Stil vor Talent. We spend a lot of time with our artists, either at the studio, traveling together or on stage.

KALTBLUT: Are you still making your own music on the side? Anything new with Niko Schwind who you’ve worked with previously?
Oliver Koletzki: Yes, of course. I am in the studio almost every day if I’m not traveling for gigs. At the moment I am writing my 6th album. Moreover, I have a really exciting live project together with Niko Schwind, for which we are constantly writing new material. Luckily, after 30 years of making music, I still have plenty of new ideas that i want to realise.

KALTBLUT: How do you stay inspired/motivated living in the city of techno?
Oliver Koletzki: After so many years in Berlin, the city is still a constant source of inspiration for me. It simply never exhausts itself, as there is always new stuff popping up, whether that’s in the form of new clubs, great restaurants or in the art scene.

KALTBLUT: Do you think that the music scene has changed drastically over the years in Berlin? For the better or for the worst?
Oliver Koletzki: Of course everything has become more professionalized in Berlin – it’s safe to say that the city’s music scene is more of a business now than it was 20 years ago. However, I feel there are still plenty of great clubs, like Kater Blau, Sisyphos or Berghain, who manage to keep that special Berlin vibe and feeling of freedom alive.

KALTBLUT: What is success to you?
Oliver Koletzki: The ability to travel a lot and see the world as part of my job. The support and smiles of the people on the dance floors.

KALTBLUT: What can we expect from the SVT festival this year?
Oliver Koletzki: We are extremely happy to have Kölsch and Oliver Huntemann play for us for the first time. Moreover, we will really be focussing on decoration, art and interactive experiences this year.

KALTBLUT: Where will SVT end up next?
Oliver Koletzki: As they say, the journey is the destination. What’s really exciting is that you never quite know what will happen next.