Cheap Monday – Borrowed Jeans

#BorrowedJeans #cheapmondaylook! Everyone has friends who raid their wardrobe, leaving nothing but a pair of shoe laces in their wake. We hate to see our favourite jeans disappear, but we love finding our new favourite jeans in our best friends closet, too.

Cheap_Monday_Borrowed_women_sad Cheap_Monday_Borrowed_women_happy Cheap_Monday_Borrowed_men_happy

Inspired by the sneaky borrowers and reluctant lenders, Cheap Monday launched Borrowed Jeans, six of Cheap Monday’s favourite fits – Donna, Common, Omega, Him Spray, Linear and Sonic all ready to be styled up, dressed down, stashed away and we’re guessing, borrowed from your wardrobe soon.

Cheap_Monday_Borrowed_Group_women Cheap_Monday_Borrowed_Group_men

For this campaign, Cheap Monday worked together with top bloggers Frida Vega Salomonsson and Gustav Broström who have created their favourite looks from the Borrowed Jeans segment. Photographer and blogger Frida Vega Salomonsson is an expert of putting together inspiring Scandi-style looks with an edge. Stockholm native Gustav Broström is a blogger and still life stylist and also Cheap Monday’s favourite source for menswear inspiration.

Frida Vega Salomonsson

Cheap Monday_Borrowed Jeans_Frida Vega Salomonsson4 Cheap Monday_Borrowed Jeans_Frida Vega Salomonsson7 Cheap Monday_Borrowed Jeans_Frida Vega Salomonsson8

Gustav Broström

Cheap Monday_Borrowed Jeans_Gustav Broström1 Cheap Monday_Borrowed Jeans_Gustav Broström7 Cheap Monday_Borrowed Jeans_Gustav Broström8

Supplementary to the launch of Borrowed Jeans Cheap Monday is presenting its Instagram campaign which started this week: We want to know how you style yours so create, share and tag#BorrowedJeans #cheapmondaylook or

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