Cheeky – Pink – Kawaii – Candy Ken

A KALTBLUT exclusive interview with our favourite internet sensation Candy Ken and photographer Christopher Makos. Styled by fashion icon Nicola Formichetti for KALTBLUT. I had a chat with Candy Ken and Christopher about their shooting, working with icons like Nicola Formichetti, Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Harry or Candy Ken himself. Special thanks to Diesel. Make up by Maki Ryoke. Hair by Sean Bennett. 

KALTBLUT: Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a good start in 2017. What have you done for NY Eve?

Candy Ken: I spend it very calm with friends and family in Jerusalem! I’m working on my new album here – I’m very inspired by the country and culture. Last time I visited I was performing in Tel Aviv and met the „jabid“ who is my new producer now. He makes phenomenal beats and I love working with him. Our album „Thirsty on a Thursday“ will be out this year !!!

KALTBLUT: Let´s talk about the editorial. Whose idea was it to work together for the story? And where did you met each other?

Christopher Makos: We met each other because of Nicola Formichetti, he casted Candy Ken, and I was so happy to meet him, and of course, CK, loves the camera, so he is so great to work with.

KALTBLUT: The idea behind the shooting in 3 words:

Candy Ken: Cheeky – Pink – Kawaii !!!

KALTBLUT: Christopher .. How was it to work with an internet icon like Candy Ken? What do you like the most about him?

Christopher Makos: CK has the spirit and exuberance that is always thrilling when photographing someone. I was not aware of CK internet fame, so it was so fresh, so clean, so of the moment. It is easy to understand his internet fame. He is so confident of himself, and that translates in the photos, and that makes the viewer of themselves.

KALTBLUT: Candy Ken.. You have worked with many photographers over the last years.. How was it to work with one of the leading photographers of our time?

Candy Ken: So amazing! I really love Christophers work and I’m honored that he shot me! I brought all my Hello Kitty shit and Chris let me do my thing – really appreciate that.

KALTBLUT: Christopher.. Looking through your portfolio we can see you have done so much over the last years.. what do you like more the arty part of photography or fashion and style?

Christopher Makos: I have to say I love it all, as long as it is fresh, and immediate. Too much planning, can spoil the freshness of any shoot. I take pictures, people, editors, fan, and time, decide on whether they are arty, fashionable, or stylish.

KALTBLUT: You have worked with icons like Andy Warhol and Man Ray.. Timeless icons.. Do you see a different to work with fame people like Warhol and young icons from today? Like all the social media madness..

Christopher Makos: People that contribute to the culture have always been the same, they reach a point, when they are part of a bigger picture, and whether its CK or AW, I always treat them the same. When someone is in front of my lens, they are with me, no one else. I make sure it works, whether its Mick Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Harry or Candy Ken, I treat them all the same. It has been my great privilege to be in a world full of talent.

KALTBLUT: Candy Ken.. you are living the dream.. Your music and videos are all over the www – but you are still living in Austria.. any plans to move to an international city like Berlin or London? Or why do u stay in Austria?

Candy Ken: I’m never home to be honest. 2016 was so crazy – I was all over the place! Which is why I still haven’t moved to an international city yet – but no worries its gotta happen soon!

KALTBLUT: Candy Ken… when do we get married? I think it is time.. for it.. Haha.. no. we all wanna Candy Ken still a single?

Candy Ken: How are you going to marry ur daddy? and yes – I am single !!!

KALTBLUT: 2017 just started.. and it looks like that we are going through some dark times.. Trump and co.. What are your plans for 2017? New Music? Exhibitions?

Christopher Makos: 2017 will be a very special year. But it is up to the creatives in the world, to create a bubble, that through the arts, photography, performance, the internet, music, people will find the light, and somehow, we will all become smarter, more in tune with really is needed in the world, Love!

Candy Ken: Love urself – love ur body – love ur daddy and everything will be alright! Candy Ken is here to save this this grey world !


SNAPCHAT: candyken69

PHOTOGRAPHY: Christopher Makos @christophermakos
STYLING: Nicola Formichetti @nicolaformichetti
MAKE-UP: Maki Ryoke @makiryoke
HAIR: Sean Bennett @uhmmwhat
FASHION: Diesel @diesel


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