Ciguri – Mare Nostrum

Electro artist Ciguri has released her new album “Mare Nostrum” and KALTBLUT’S got the exclusive stream for you right here! From the composition on her piano to the sewing machine on which she creates her costumes, through the production of the videos that accompanies her live performances, Alice combines her many talents to give life to her warrior Cigùri. Living in Berlin where she has her studio since many years, Alice originates from the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The debut album “Mare Nostrum” takes its name from the ancient name the Romans gave to the Sea.


To produce this album, Cigùri has surrounded herself with an army of musicians, whose brass and chords sublime her dark electronic compositions. It took a little bit more than two years to finish the 12 titles opus. This album, symbol for the many lives of Cigùri, is an epic poem to the struggle of life and death. Mare Nostrum has the intimacy of Cat Power, the charisma of Kate Bush and the determination of The Knife.

This artistic project grows out of the story of Cigùri, a deceased warrior from a secret tribe. The various media used unite to bring this martial tale back to life, and each song bears the witness of one of Cigùri’s past experiences, each one of her future lives. This dark and melancholic pop with a glimpse of hope, pours out great energy with choirs, electronic and symphonic orchestrations, and, at times, settles back into the fragility and minimalism of a simple voice and piano.

The digital version will be available from the 5th of December 2013.
The album and the limited edition will be available end of January 2014.

The album comes in a Digipack edition with an 8-page booklet.

The Collector Pack is a limited edition of a hundred copies including:
– The album in Digipack edition
– A strap of Cigùri’s Mare Nostrum costume, sealed and numbered
– 4 official pictures Mare Nostrum (21x21cm)
– An autograph of the artist
– A serigraphied clutch for the pack, sewed and conceived by the artist herself.

All photos by Ludovic Alussi.



KALTBLUT: What was the impulse to write about the sea? Are you missing Marseille?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: Translated from the Latin phrase, « Mare Nostrum » means « Our Sea », the Romans used to call the Mediterranean Sea like this. This album is a tribute to it. In fact, I moved to Berlin a bit more than 4 years ago, and as much as this city is amazing and filled with great people, the Mediterranean Sea always takes me back to the South of France where I grew up. It is when I am underwater, in the deep dark blue, that I feel the most complete. Cigùri definitively takes her roots from there.

KALTBLUT: How did you collaborate with musicians on this album it was a quite long process?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: I started working on this album 2 years ago and I needed to produce everything on my own as I had a very precise idea of how I wanted my music to sound like. In the last 6 months, I’ve asked a talented and skilled friend Mathieu Pé to join and help me. He is a trumpet and brass player, but also one of the leaders of the Dub acoustic band ‘Braintheft’. Together we recorded all the brass, cello and double bass, and then proceeded to the end of the production and mixing of the album. Then I gave all we had produced to Alexandre Hasson, my sound engineer… he’s a magician. He mixed all my voices and did the mastering. He’s always the one who closes the door at the end of my projects as I am way too perfectionist!

KALTBLUT: What is on your iPod/radio/cloud?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: The last albums I’ve been listening to repeatedly are: the forthcoming album of aMinus called ‘Option’, ‘Pain and Beauty’ from Chelsea Wolfe, ‘From now I am winter’ from Ólafur Arnalds, and also to the original soundtrack of a Bollywood movie I saw a week ago called ‘Ram Leela’.

KALTBLUT: What is appealing to you in Berlin?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: The greyness, the snow, the art and music scene, the chance to make my solo project, my nest, my new music studio, loneliness and of course my chosen family of great friends, which I feel very lucky to have.

KALTBLUT: I open the gate of time and offer you to write a song with a dead artist who do you pick?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: Without hesitation (even if he’s not dead yet, but I’m pretty sure we won’t have time to meet…and if not, then I’d be glad to offer you all Champagne): Arvo Pärt, the Estonian compositor.

Russian_peacock_3KALTBLUT: Is Cigùri, the character you embody each time you wear her costumes, more like a sister or a ghost not leaving you?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: Cigùri is the ghost who carries all my sorrows and secrets. Through her, I can express and live my darker sides. I guess that’s why composing or giving live shows is always very intense for me, as I’m healing myself from my pains – like many other musicians I guess.

KALTBLUT: As a former costume designer you create a very impressive and delicate fashion design piece of art. Thinking of autopoiesis, and of course the costumes of Cigùri, is it a bit like dragging?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: Life is always about dying and being reborn. And Cigùri can live a lot of different lives. She can be anyone whenever she wants it, she just needs to wear a new costume, write a new song, and there: a new story begins. I’ve always needed to think about a vision of someone new in order to draw a new costume or design a new collection of clothes. I just can’t express myself without a whole visual universe surrounding me.
Autopoiesis was a collaboration with Ludovic Alussi (The photograph that I’m working with since the very beginning, he designed the Mare Nostrum picture series) and EGGON (Metal sculptor), the project constitutes one of the interpretation of Cigùri’s many lives (

KALTBLUT: Do you like the work of Leigh Bowery who could not leave home without wearing a new costume creation?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: Leigh Bowery did a very impressive work indeed. But even if I’m almost always wearing feathers or a necklace made out of one of Cigùri’s costumes, it always remains very discrete.
I like to be Alice in daily life, while Cigùri rests in my dreams.

KALTBLUT: Cigùri is a widow and a fighter, what is she fighting for?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: Cigùri is a dead warrior coming from a secret tribe. She’s fighting for her life, many lives: a full time job. She never rests.

2_OK-350x350KALTBLUT: What is going to happen in the next life of Cigùri?

CIGÙRI MARE NOSTRUM: As I said, I believe life is always about being reborn, and one never knows what one will become, neither does Cigùri.

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