Claire McWeeney

Claire McWeeney is a 20 year old New York based analog photographer. She spontaneously photographs her environments and the raw lifestyles of her friends and family. Through her artistic approach she not only creates a visual diary of sorts, but also explores significant themes in her life. 


KALTBLUT: Why did you end up shooting film?

Claire: My affinity for film is fierce. Each exposed frame is like the palpable soul of a photograph. Every roll shot is like a chapter of a greater ongoing story. Combined with the genuine aesthetic film produces and the development process, it is the art of photography in its truest form.


KALTBLUT: What is your favourite place to be shooting? In NYC is there a place that inspires you most?

Claire: Definitely Queens. It is my favorite borough of New York City and very close to where I am from on Long Island. My father is an Irish immigrant and has a carpentry workshop in Maspeth; growing up I spent a lot of time immersed in the various ethnic communities Queens is made up of. I am always stimulated by the diverse atmosphere there.

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KALTBLUT: What influences your work?

Claire: Subcultures, love, contrariness, and age. All these components have and continue to shape what I produce. Cinema influences me as well, especially Danny Boyle’s work.

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KALTBLUT: Have you had lots of support? How do your friends and family feel about you photographing them?

Claire: I have an inclination towards catching people off guard. That can naturally be shocking and it certainly was for many of friends. Most of them are used to it now, but some will still laughingly freak out at me. Yet overall they are enthusiastic about being photographed, feeling flattered and intrigued. They are really supportive too and will drive me to get my film. I also have friends who are musicians, so there is a mutual artistic connection with band photography.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson