Cognitive Bodies by Marta Kochanek

For her last project, Cognitive Bodies, photographer Marta Kochanek gathered some wonderful people – Royal Ballet Principal dancers, Soloists and Performers. They all acted in front of her beautifully making it possible for Marta to record all frames she kept in her mind. Marta will also participate at the Berlin Foto Biennale this October.






“ The aim of the project was to capture a very sensual collaboration of the human’s today and extreme emotions that expresses both physical and spiritual harmony. It is to immortalise the beauty of shape, the purity of art and the uniqueness of existence. Photographer’s job is to emotionally connect with the sitters to be able to recognise and understand what feelings each individual person and its connection to the body can express. At the same time each person involved must have a clear understanding of the Photographers vision that is to deeply concentrate on emotion and the way it can be expressed through the body and its unique language. Human’s body and its posture disclose both physical and mental mood and state of mind. All good and bad, happy and sad emotions can be read from people’s face and the way we appear.”









Photography / Production / Edit by Marta Kochanek /
Instagram: @marta_kochanek

Photography Assistant / Barbara Gibson / / Instagram: @gibson_graphics

Models / Sitters:

Johnny Autin / Autin Dance Theatre / Instagram: @cecilien85
Cesar Morales / Birmingham Royal Ballet – Principal Dancer / Instagram: @cesarmoralesdancer
Caspar Stadler / Estonian National Opera / Instagram: @stadlerfitness
Julie M Oneill
Brandon Lawrence / Birmingham Royal Ballet – Soloist / Instagram: @blawrence155
ElliNoire Usinda Maggot Midhani / Musician / Instagram: @ellinoireumm