Collections Preview: #LCFBA16

London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London presents BA16; a showcase of work celebrating the latest talent from its leading graduating students. Photography by James Rees. Creative Direction by Rob Phillips. Featuring fashion by Wei Yao Lin, BA FDT: Menswear, Sam Thompson, BA FDT: Menswear, Neil Xuhao, BA Bespoke Tailoring, Joseph Standish, BA Fashion Design Development, Tsun Cheung Lai, BA Bespoke Tailoring, Haimin Cui, BA FDT: Menswear.

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Opening with the annual BA catwalk show on Monday 6 June, the season will continue with an exhibition from Tuesday 7 June. All BA graduating courses will be presented in one space to create a unique and edited display which will mirror every aspect of the fashion industry. Styled and directed by LCF’s Creative Director, Rob Phillips, the catwalk will feature 15 diverse and innovative collections from students across womenswear, menswear, sportswear, contour, accessories and jewellery. The show reflects the cross-disciplinary and collaborative nature of the fashion industry, highlighting the breadth of exceptional talent fostered each year at London College of Fashion, UAL.


Photographer: James Rees
Creative Direction: Rob Phillips
Hair: Ezana Ové
Beauty: Kirsty Gaston

Menswear Students:
Wei Yao Lin, BA FDT: Menswear
Sam Thompson, BA FDT: Menswear
Neil Xuhao, BA Bespoke Tailoring
Joseph Standish, BA Fashion Design Development
Tsun Cheung Lai, BA Bespoke Tailoring
Haimin Cui, BA FDT: Menswear

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