Colmar Spring/Summer 2019

Italian brand Colmar Originals presents its Colmar Originals S/S2019 collection! Inspired by a journey to rediscover America and its endless facets. Over the years, this route has defined styles and trends. The starting point is the East Coast, where the influence of New York Street Style, typical of the 1990s, expresses through the use of colour blocks and madras fabrics the creativity of a constantly evolving land, to arrive on the West Coast which comes to life through loud prints in the Pop Art style typical of the 1960s.

The colour palette is very rich. The neutral shades of cream, beige and earth, which characterize the American landscapes, are combined with the brighter and louder colours of reds, greens, fuchsias and electric blue which recall the crowded and bustling Californian beaches. Without forgetting, the great classics that are always present in a wardrobe: blue and black.

The fabrics used, from the laminates to the super shiny, from transparent to plastic, are mixed with the more classic cotton, nylons and microfibers..

The research represents the top end of the collection regarding research into materials and stylistic development, then comes Originals by Originals, inspired by the 1990s, presenting bold pieces and loud colours, with an oversized fit and the maxi logo, which takes pride of place. To end with the great classics of always, with alongside them new offerings. //

A must wear collection

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