Converse Avant-Poste Review

Few days ago in Paris was held at the Olympia the Converse avant-poste show dedicated to the new talents of French music. Born of a collaboration between the fashion brand Converse and the parisian club Le Nouveau Casino, the Avant-poste programme gives the opportunity to young musicians to perform on an open stage every Thursday at Le Café Charbon. Three promising bands were selected over the last sessions to make it big at the mythic stage of the Olympia. But that’s not all; to support them even more and attract a bigger audience every band had the chance to invite another guest band already installed in the music industry. Sounds risky said like this, but there was no competition between the guys and all of the evening went like a big party with a friendly state of mind.


Alpes meets Grief Joy

To open the show and warm up the room we had « Alpes » a quatuor coming from the French Riviera, the played some kind of Britt Pop Rock soften by a more sensitive side and succeeded waking up the crowd. The singer has a great voice and the highest peak of the performance was the mash up with their guest « Grief Joy », especially the song called « Don’t salt my meal with your tears »  with just the singer of Alpes and the keyboardist of Grief Joy.


Chill Bump meets Hippocampe Fou

As a second band we had what was in my opinion the greatest surprise of the evening; the rappers  « Chill Bump ». They sound kind of old school 90’s hip hop mashed up with electronic (using either controllers for samples or turntables for scratching). It was actually a good surprise because with very little means (almost no instruments) and being only two on stage they literally set the audience on fire.


Miscellaneous (the MC) modulates his flow from slower and groovy to fast as a machine gun with disarming easiness while Bankal kills it at the scratching and beatbox. I don’t know what to say, they just nailed it ! Definitely a band you should see live, sounds terribly better than the recorded things I’ve listen on the web. They were rejoined later by Hippocampe Fou the meeting between the two bands was very playful they created a connection with the audience that was having a lot of fun!

Encore! meets Naive New Beaters

To close the night we had the performance of « Encore! » who celebrated on stage with us their first contract on a label signed right two hours before the show !! They delighted the audience with their efficient sharp Electro-Rock sound with reminiscences of Cold Wave and Disco (yeah it is possible).


You can check their sound cloud the production of their songs is really good, no wonder they got signed, it’s nearly impossible not to dance on their music. Then the great Naive New Beaters arrived on stage with giant inflatable palm trees. The whole thing looked like a happy mess and everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot!

Review by Michäel Dupré


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