Converse Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of PRIDE Around the World

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, a rebellious fight for equality that has since grown into a symbol of the incredible social progress driven by communities that can change the course for generations to come.

Converse is committed to supporting movements for positive social change and amplifying youth voices as they spark progress to build the future they believe in. This year, as part of their annual collection and following an initial online release, Converse introduces its first-ever sneakers inspired by the trans flag.

The collection aims to pay respect to the rebels and heroes who continue to pave the way and to celebrate who we all are as individuals. In this spirit, Converse is also releasing a new chapter of their campaign that amplifies the voices of six individuals connected to the LGBTQ+ community. Through powerful portraits and sharing their own words of hope to young LGBTQ+ individuals around Pride, the campaign aims to show the power of expressing one’s true self.

The individuals featured are: Desmond Is Amazing, drag kid and LGBTQ+ advocate, Kristin Beck, retired United States Navy SEAL and trans activist, Alexis Sablone, pro-skateboarder (and CONS Skateboarding teammate) and artist, Felix, a student advocate and nature enthusiast who first connected with Converse through OUT MetroWest, Ayishat Akanbi, UK-based fashion stylist, writer and cultural commentator, Fran Tirado, New York-based writer and editor.

Converse’s Pride collection was born out of their LGBTQ+ employee network in 2015 and has since evolved into an annual celebration. This year’s collection translates the significance, the cultural impact and the bravery of 50 Years of PRIDE, through a Chuck Taylor and Chuck 70 and accompanying apparel capsule that is a loud, proud, assertion of true self-expression through bold design, and lots of glam glitter. In a nod to the year 1969 – when the Stonewall Riots took place — there are design cues and elements of discovery featured throughout the collection.

The Converse PRIDE collection will be available in Europe from May 21 st on and select retail partners. To check out our efforts during Pride globally, follow and @converse social channels.