Converse x Carhartt WIP RENEW S/S2020

The respective blank canvases of Carhartt WIP and Converse products have long served individuals and their own personal sense of style, developing a unique look and characteristics through repeat wear. This forms the basis of the brands’ latest collaboration, which sees a one-of-a-kind Chuck 70 created from upcycled Carhartt canvas fabrics.

The collection will be available in limited quantities at, and select retailers starting May 28, 2020.

As Converse continues the expansion of its upcycling textile capabilities through Renew – an ongoing initiative to develop new, innovative and more sustainable ways of creating Converse products – vintage canvas Carhartt garments become the second example of Converse’s capacity to turn single-source upcycled textiles into footwear.

No two pairs of the resulting Chuck 70s are exactly alike: 1,000 pre-worn canvas Carhartt work jackets, trousers and overalls, sourced from UK-based fashion & vintage retailer, Beyond Retro, were sorted into three colour ranges – Navy, Black and Brown – and then butterfly cut to create individual Chuck 70 shoe panels.

Each pair of the Chuck 70 showcases the craftsmanship championed by both brands, while the Tri-Panel execution places emphasis on the patina and stitching details typically associated with Carhartt WIP garments.

The accompanying campaign images were created by Mark Chiarello, a graphic illustrator who has previously collaborated with Carhartt WIP. Showcasing his signature comic-book aesthetic, the series of images focuses on the three fabric colourways used, through a series of abstract, overlaid elements.