CTM 2020 – LIMINAL 21st Edition | 24.1. – 2.2.2020

CTM’s 21st edition launches with an announcement of new performances, special projects, and commissioned works. Combining unique productions, concerts, and club nights with a dense daytime programme of talks, discussions, installations, and an exhibition, CTM 2020 proposes multiple entry points into thinking about this year’s Liminal theme. CTM 2020 will again play out across some of Berlin’s most standout cultural and nightlife venues. For the first time, the festival hosts special projects at radialsystem and an immersive listening series at Silent Green’s Betonhalle, while continuing its close relationship with HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berghain, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Festsaal Kreuzberg, and SchwuZ. Andy Stott, DJ Plead, Lafawndah, and MUXXXE are just some of the newest additions to the lineup amongst Discourse programme highlights; the CTM 2020 Exhibition, titled Interstitial Spaces; a spatial sound installation by Maria Thereza Alves and Lucrecia Dalt in the tropical greenhouse of Berlin’s Botanic Garden; and a special partner programme featuring Cevdet Erek’s “Bergama Stereo” at the Hamburger Bahnhof.

Newly-confirmed artists for CTM 2020 are:
Alexmalism [HK] / The Allegorist [HU/DE] / Andy Stott [UK] / ASJ [HK] / Ashley Venom [US] / ava* [DE] / Bora [FR/DE] / Born in Flamez [DE] Catu Diosis [UG] / Charlotte Bendiks [NO/DE] / Debmaster & MC Yallah [UG] / Demystification Committee [INT] / DJ Diaki [ML] / DJ Scotch Egg & Khanja & MC Yallah [INT] / DJ Plead [AU/DE] / Don Zilla [UG] / Duma [KE] / emptyset [UK/DE] / Floyd Lavine b2b MINCO [ZA/DE] / FOTAN LAIKI [HK] / Ghettoraid [IE/DE] / Grinderteeth [NO/DE] / Guedra Guedra [MA] / Happy New Tears [NL/DE] / Hibotep [SO/UG] / Isa GT [CO] / Ivicore [VE/UK] / Johanna Bruckner – “Sym-poetic Desires” [CH] / Josh Kun, Milad Khawam & Rasha Hilwi – “Sonic Rights: Music of Escape, Music of Belonging” [INT] / Jessika Khazrik [LB/DE] / Kelvin T [HK] / Lafawndah [INT] / Laura Diaz [BR] / Max Dahlhaus [DE] / Mo Chan & DJ Kohlrabi [JP/DE] / MUXXXE [MX] / Nerve [HK] / Opium Hum [DE] / Patiño & Schuttel – “No Laughing Matter” [INT] / Peter Kirn [US/DE] / Rakta [BR] / Secretly Bovine [INT] / Selam X [INT] / Sicaria Sound [UK] Slim Soledad [BR] / T0C1S [HK] / Teto Preto [BR] / Thegn [CA/UK] / xin [INT] / Wesley Goatley [UK] / Zopelar [BR]

The CTM 2020 Exhibition “Interstitial Spaces” features works by:
Sophia Bulgakova [UA/NL] / Pau Delgado [UY] / Anke Eckardt [DE] / Richard Garet [US] /  Dana Gingras [CA] / Wesley Goatley [UK] / Loïc Koutana, NSDOS & Zorka Wollny [INT] / Nural Moser [INT] / Krista Belle Stewart [CA] / Michael Wick [DE]

spatial sound installation in the tropical greenhouse of Berlin’s Botanic Garden:
Maria Thereza Alves & Lucrecia Dalt – “You Will Go Away One Day But I Will Not” [INT]

A special partner programme at Hamburger Bahnhof features “Bergama Stereo,” an installation by:
Cevdet Erek [TR] with concert by Contagious [INT]

First confirmed Discourse programme participants:
Andreas L. Hofbauer [DE] / Aida Baghernejad [DE] / Angus Finlayson [UK/DE] / Chal Ravens [UK] / Chris Anderton [UK] / Dani Gal & Ghazi Barakat [INT] / Eilidh McLaughlin [UK/DE] / Emile Frankel [AU] / Emma Warren [UK] / Gigsta [BE/DE] / Jens Balzer [DE] / Kyle Devine [NO] / meLê Yamomo [INT] / Raja Kirik [ID] / Robert Henke [DE] / Sasha Geffen [US] / Num [IR/GE] …with more TBA

day-by-day programme preview of currently announced artists is available now.

As always, CTM takes place parallel to and in collaboration with transmediale festival. Together the festivals present the yearly Vorspiel event linking Berlin initiatives and collectives in a weeklong partner programme that launches on 17 January at ACUD.

Liminal phenomena and states are transitional phases in which a familiar order sees its values and symbols destabilised; norms are suspended or turned on their heads. We find ourselves in ambiguous spaces, somewhere between a past that is no longer valid and an ever-becoming future. Liminality characterises spiritual practices, social rituals, and other transformative experiences. In music, boundary-disturbing experiences and acts of transgression are perpetually negotiated and re-negotiated. Yet liminality, hybridisation, and transgression should not be blindly celebrated—rather, praise should be supplemented with critical evaluation. How do such experiences and practises affect political and cultural structures? When do they merely serve to reinforce known hierarchies? Can transformative potential and the emergence of new ideas arise through liminal experiences, and if so, can they resist co-optation by market forces and political agendas? Is it enough to practice forms of experimental politics in a liminal space that has to make do without tangible utopias? With Liminal, CTM 2020 throws itself into limbo in hopes of stimulating a critical discussion of our present and possible futures.

What? CTM 2020 Liminal
Where? Various locations
When? 24.1. – 2.2.2020
Tickets & full lineup: ctm-festival.de