Curated by Girls celebrates diversity, equality, freedom, sexuality and breaks the norms at Whole festival

This Summer is going to be H.O.T. Our favourite art collective will present an exhibition at the coolest festival. Curated by girls is joining forces with 10 others collectives to program and curate two stages of continuous music, along with art and installations, and a stage specifically for performances. The Whole – United Queer Festival – Will take place August 24th – 27th at Gremmniner See just next to Ferropolis (there is still time to get your tickets). It was the perfect occasion to talk with Leatitia, the founder and curator of Curated by girls, about this up coming event.

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KALTBLUT: Hi Laetitia, how are you?
Laetitia: Bonjour Nicolas, I am good.  A little overwhelmed with work but I can’t complain….it’s exciting! haha!

KALTBLUT: The summer is here finally and lot of things are happening. You’ll be
taking part of the WHOLE festival in August. How did this happen?
Laetitia: Summer has been great in Berlin so far and I am really excited about participating in the second edition of WHOLE Festival. It’s definitely one of the highlights of this summer in Berlin. I met Raquel & Chris, founders of Pornceptual & WHOLE, last december. They contacted me to organize an exhibition at one of their Pornceptual party in February. I was really excited to collaborate with them and since then we have been working together a few times. We both admire and trust each other’s work which makes the relationship very healthy. I am really looking forward to WHOLE festival.

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KALTBLUT: How did you select the artists that you’ll showcase for this specific event?
Laetitia: I had one specific artist in mind since the beginning. Her name is Alice Goudon. She is a very talented, creative and dedicated young artist, from France. She just graduated from Les Beaux Arts in Paris. At WHOLE, she will do an installation with animals & sexual organs that she built for the occasion! It’s gonna be very special. I don’t want to spoil it, you should come see her work. As far as the exhibition is concerned the selection is not finalized yet. I will showcase artworks celebrating softness, sexuality, pride & Queer culture!

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KALTBLUT: Is it your first time as a curator on a festival? Does it makes a difference on the way you approach this project?
Laetitia: Actually it will be my second, no, wait, 3rd time working on a festival, as I am curating an
exhibition at Vogelball in Hamburg on August 4th, and I previously participated in the Feminist Film Festival in Berlin last year. The main difference with WHOLE is the location. Ferropolis is an incredible site! The art show is gonna take place in the woods, on a lake. Pretty cool!

By @alicegoudon
By @alicegoudon

KALTBLUT: How many artist are you gonna showcase this time?
Laetitia: I am currently working on the selection…but there will be around 10/15 artists.

KALTBLUT: Can you maybe give us a little hint of what we’ll see there.
Laetitia: You will see tropical animals, sensuality, authenticity, colors, shapes…love.

Soul for Wet by Greta María Ásgeirsdóttir
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KALTBLUT: How does the philosophy of the WHOLE – United Queer Festival matches the one of Curated by girls?
Laetitia: WHOLE festival and Curated By GIRLS share the same values: diversity, equality, freedom, sexuality and breaking the norms. Many of us are tired of perfection and monotony and want to contribute to a more equal and fun world through our work. WHOLE and CBG are both trying to show something else than what we see everyday by giving a voice to under-represented individuals. WHOLE is offering a freer way of partying and CBG is bringing a more diverse definition of beauty & femininity through art. We both want to celebrate a new vision of the world I guess.

KALTLBUT: How is it so important to have event like this taking place?
Laetitia: It’s important to celebrate life all together ! We are one ! Supposedly ! It seems still a
majority of us are afraid of difference, wether it’s religion, ethnicity or sexuality. We have to
help people accept each other, respect and support each other. Art, Music, getting together, is
an important step for acceptance! Its a way to inspire people and to show that they are not
alone. Change can happen, but it is about little steps everyday…events like this are part of
these crucial little steps.

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WHAT? WHOLE – United Queer Festival >> GET YOUR TICKETS NOW.
WHERE? Gremminer See , Gräfenhainichen
WHEN? 24 August – 27 August

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