Cut The Cord – Lou de Bètoly x Urbanears

Human-centered design and functionality have always been integral parts of the Urbanears brand, and the cord is a good example of that. When Urbanears wrapped the cord in fabric, it was transformed beyond its standard function into something that added value to the overall look, feel, and experience. To mark Plattan 2 Bluetooth’s evolution beyond the cord, we wanted to pay tribute to this piece of Plattan’s legacy in a fitting way.

Following the initial collaboration with Sandra Backlund, Urbanears wanted to explore the creative landscape in other cities. In Germany we reached out to Berlin based designer Lou de Bètoly in order to find out what she could do with the now obsolete fabric wrapped cords, after the launch of Plattan 2 Bluetooth. Five amazing wearable pieces were created. This is the story behind the collaboration between Urbanears and Lou de Bètoly.

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Credits:Lou de Bètoly x Urbanears
Art Direction: Tim Heyduck
Photo: Joseph Kadow