Daily Paper S/S21 Resort

Daily Paper introduces their mid-season Resort line as part of their main Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Tailored towards the warmer months ahead, the line presents a colourful range of unisex essential sets, multicoloured items, summer accessories and sporty styles in a variety of easy wearing shapes.

Daily Paper’s S/S21 Resort Line Brings a Fresh Take to Springtime-Ready Staples! Featuring shapes and details inspired by African flags, the continent’s cuisine, and a range of newly designed summer gear

The Daily Paper Resort 2021 collection is priced from €10 – €150 and will be available April 16, 12 PM CET, at Daily Paper storefronts in Amsterdam and NYC, as well as online via www.dailypaperclothing.com and selected retailers worldwide.

“With an ability to unite global communities across borders, Daily Paper is more than a clothing brand. Through creativity, fashion and education, we aim to inspire young adults and set an example of giving back. Daily Paper has attracted a tribe of multidisciplinary creatives and cultivated a community of individuals who celebrate their own roots and champion inclusivity. The diverse and deep-rooted diaspora culture is the bedrock of our brand, echoing in every collection – and always portrayed through the lens of the youth.”

Photography: Mounir Raji 
Photography assistant: Mylan Rosendaa
Art Direction: Florian Joahn 
Styling: JeanPaul Paula
Make up: Laura Yard 
Hair: Keanna Williams 

Talents: Shaliona Williams 
Faouziat Biera Faous 
Tobi Afeez Amao
Salif Ly