DANSHAN Spring/Summer 2020

London based menswear label DANSHAN presents it´s Spring/Summer 2020 lookbook. The brand will be at Pitti Immagine Uomo 96 as one of the participating designers for “Guest Nation China”. DANSHAN explore the undervalued nuances of modern male life, examine how male body language develops, and look at the ways the masculine silhouette becomes effeminate without breaking the austere boundaries that define menswear. Emotional, sensitive, vulnerable and dressed to reflect those qualities, their collections present a spirit of a culture that creates a space for progressive masculinity to develop, celebrate the freedom that sensitivity can enable for men,- to reclaim it, in the hope of creating a more accepting world. danshan.co.uk


This is euphoria
Why rage
Feeling Milk
Feeling Purple
This is a sense of freedom in having a desire that has never been labelled New possibilities

Transcendence It is time

Styled by Hamish Wirgman
Set by Miranda Keyes
Photo by Jules Moskovtchenko

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