Defrost pres. WORK THIS KIKI – A Kiki Ball by Mother Ambrosia Angels

#SaveTheDate – Berlin, 13 May 2022! Proletarian pussy tastes better and here is the proof. Mother Ambrosia Angels present Work This Kiki and take you to a dirty, dirty factory, where it’s your time to shine. Powered by Melt Festival (Goodlive artists).

Defrost pres. WORK THIS KIKI – A Kiki Ball by Mother Ambrosia Angels

Date: 13 May 2022 

Time: 17:00 – 22:00 Uhr

Location: ELSE Berlin, An den Treptowers 10, 12435 Berlin

Vibe: factory/workwear and metal meets crazy good vibes

Princess Bree Angels
Nake Juicy
Wicked Wang
Father Ray Salem
Mother Dream Louboutin
EU Father Elijah Tea
Mother Crystal Solar
Cinnamon Laveaux
Ashanti 007

MC Shenron Mermaid
DJ Oishi Angels
HOST Mother Ambrosia Angels



15 Euros Presale
20 Euros at the door



Beginners Runway 1GP
Plastic Trashtastic

Almost all produced goods are wrapped in plastic these days. This overproduction and the resulting waste is putting our planet, its oceans, drinking water sources and so much more in danger. Be resourceful. Create a fashionable look with plastic trash. (Clothing as a base allowed)

European Runway 1GP
Caution, Tape!

Caution Tape is getting all the attention here. Create looks out of tape and do better than this woman did in Balenciaga.

All American Runway 1GP
Hard Headed

Hard hat obligatory. Make it a look!

Fashion Killer 1GP
Cargo Cunt

Cargo Workwear is back as one of the fav streetwear styles. Turn it out and give us Cargo Fashion Killer for the gods of work.

Kiki Labels 1GP
Working Class Berlin Couture

People in Berlin know how to pull the best looks for the smallest coin. Give me your hottest outfit from Primark, Lidl, or your mama’s house and found in a box on Weserstraße corner Reuterstraße!
How it’s done:

Royal Working Class

Blue is the colour of the working class doing manual labour, but it is also a royal colour. Bring it in an all-blue look and don’t forget the see-through safety glasses.

Female Figure
Male Figure


Beginners Performance 1GP
🦺Safety Cunt
Make Neon Security Wear cunt and don’t forget your elements.

Vogue Fem 3GP
🤍Fine rib + denim = cunt

Bring it in a used – greasy, dirty, ripped – fine rib shirt and a denim bottom. Make it cunt! (or first real and then cunt ;))

.BQ Vogue Fem
.FemX Performance*
.Realness with a Twist

*FemX Performance – as offered first by Mother Noa Angels – broadens “the original pool of FF Performance. This category is for Cis-Women, BQUIDrags, Fem Queens and ENBY-Femmes”.

New Way 1GP
Liquid Metal

Be as bendable as hot metal and bring it in a shiny, metallic look.

Old Way 1GP
‍Workwear Suit

Pop, dip and spin in an overall or dungarees.

Hands Performance 1GP
Safe Hands

Give your co-workers instructions with a cunted up version of workwear gloves. Add a cohesive outfit.

‍Vogue to Bree OTA 1GP


Schoolboy/girl Realness 2GP
Sweat Shops

Prepare a presentation on how our Western fast fashion consumption creates unbearable working conditions in the Global South to school the judges.


Body OTA 1GP
🪢Roped Up

Hold your luscious, muscular and/or statuesque body together with ropes. Be creative and don’t forget to enhance and not hide your shape with it!

Tag Team* Sex Siren 1GP
Y2K Construction Hotty

Get inspired by the colourful Y2K construction worker looks in Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction”. Don’t forget your tool!
Benny Benassi – Satisfaction:

*Tag Team: Walk your tens and battles one by one.

Lip Sync Siren 1GP
Lip Service

You just came home after a long, sweaty day at work, but don’t waste any time seducing your bae (aka the judges) with a hot lip-sync performance. Send your production with the song of your choice to Max. two minutes! Your name will be called by the host. So be ready!

Battle Songs:
In Those Jeans – Ginuwine
Hrs and Hrs – Muni Long
Wild Side – Normani