Dirty Matryoshka

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Russia. Photographer Kseniia Brook captured Ekaterina Pravdina-Golenskaya for us. Make up by Olga Popova. “I’m 18 years old weird Russian teenager who graduated school this summer and went to the Russian Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg. I started photography as a hobby at 14 and thought that I was cool but I really wasn’t. And since than I’m always trying to do my best. In this shooting I wanted to connect Russian national culture to the culture of modern fashion. And give a new life to old traditional Russian staff, like kokoshnick, scarf with roses and matryoshka’s make-up.” Well done! 

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Photography by Kseniia Brook / www.brookkseniia.portfoliobox.io / Instagram: @brookkseniia

Model is Ekaterina Pravdina-Golenskaya / Instagram: @pravdina_project

Make up by Olga Popova / Instagram: @sistercarrycom

Style is by Kseniia Brook and Ekaterina Pravdina-Golenskaya


Scarf is the property of Ekaterina Pravdina-Golenskayamodel’s Granny

Pants by H&M