DNI Spring/Summer 2020

Introducing DOCUMENTO NACIONAL DE IDENTIDAD (D.N.I). Born in 2019 in Paris driven by twin brothers Paulo and Roberto Ruiz Muñoz. The brand wants to promote a modern Peru, inspired by their childhood memories – far from the common clichés. Photography by Jérémy Cardoso. Model is Diego.

À Tí Perú like “to you Peru” is a link to our childhood memories and more widely to the first part of our life spent there. For our first collection entirely inspired by this country, we wanted to go back to our childhood anecdotes that marked our lives far from the clichés usually conveyed to the people.

This collection is particularly punctuated by the “CHICHA” culture, the different colours of the “Aguayo” fabric, the hook of our grandmothers, the lama and vicuña that are the typical symbols of Peru and finally by the collection of stamps of our grandfather.

Photography by Jérémy Cardoso  / Instagram: @jscardoso19

Model is Diego / Instagram: @now.go.die