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Dublin’s Unique Evening Scene

Dublin, Ireland gets attention for a lot of different things: its beautiful old buildings and cobblestoned city centres, its whisky distilleries and preserved cathedrals, and a population of generally festive and friendly people. The most special thing about the city though, might ultimately be its unique and eclectic evening scene. There’s a traditional side to Dublin after the sun goes down, to be sure. But from extraordinary pubs to basement card clubs, the city also offers a different sort of experience than that which you get in other European cities. 

Night Kayaking 

Touring Dublin by kayak
 is a popular activity, day and night. But it’s not until you explore the night options that you understand what a unique, memorable, and even artistic experience this can be. The River Liffey winds through town and under various famous bridges, reasonably well lit but still intimately dim once the sun goes down. And in some cases you can even cluster with other kayaks to play and enjoy music under one of said bridges! It’s a unique experience altogether, and something that can make the city feel like your own in a way that most big European cities just never do. 

The Theatre Scene 

As much attention as London receives for its famous West End theatre scene, one could almost believe it’s worth traveling there from Ireland just to see a play. However, Dublin’s own theatre scene is not to be overlooked, and provides additional options for evening activity. Older and newer venues alike showcase extraordinary performances on a nightly basis, such that whether you’re looking for music, a standard play, or even sometimes something more unique and inventive, you’re likely to find it. 

Casinos & Card Clubs

The last few years have seen Ireland excelling in the online gaming arena. The country hosts several online casino providers, and lenient gambling laws allow people all around Ireland to access and play these games for real money. However, even in the face of this digital evolution and progress, several of Ireland’s cities have continued to offer classic, in-person gaming experiences – including Dublin. The Sporting Emporium gives you a full casino experience if you’re looking for a recreational evening out, and The Fitzwilliam, a sleek but somewhat old-fashioned card club, can help you live out a fantasy of spending an evening at a classy poker table, cocktail in hand. 

Temple Bar Pubs 

Naming pubs doesn’t necessarily seem to fit with the idea of presenting a unique nightlife scene. However, it’s also perfectly fair to claim that Dublin’s pub scene is particularly special, even among plenty of other Western European cities with excellent bar-hopping options. The Temple Bar area in particular is full to bursting with lively, and in some cases historic pubs, meaning you’re sure to find an excellent place for a pint. And no, you don’t have to be a fan of Guinness to enjoy your time at a Dublin pub. 

Evening Chapel Services 

This may not be everybody’s idea of a good time, but it’s not so often you can duck into a centuries-old cathedral at night, and some may find it to be a charming or even humbling experience. Religious affiliation or beliefs aside, there can be something awe-inspiring about a spectacular chapel at night. Whether you walk in to sit in a pew to take a break from the city, or you stick around to hear music from a live chorus, it can wind up being one of the most memorable parts of your tour of Dublin after dark.