Dyadia Yasha by Grizgoz

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Grizgoz creates The Body Study project as a result of reflection on the contemporary approach to carnality, especially to male nudity. The photos with abstract forms of the body intrigued Dyadia Yasha, Polish artist/model based in Russia, to start a collaboration. Kuba (Yasha) described the works as „art that makes you hard”.

On the other side, Grizgoz was attracted by strong, spontaneous photos of sensual nudity in everyday life, showing both body awareness and sense of humour. His polaroids and photos made with the phone are „hot in a cheap cheesy way”, as Yasha used to say.

Photography by Grizgoz / www.grizgoz.com / Instagram: @grizgoz

Model is Dyadia Yasha / Instagram: @dyadia.yasha


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