Educate Your Ears: Dua Lipa

At only 20 singer-songwriter Dua Lipa is completely set. After living on her own since she was just 15, the London-based artist has been quietly making her fame by releasing her first demos in 2012 on SoundCloud. In the Summer just passed, her first demo ‘New Love’ appeared, which was produced by Andrew Wyatt and Emile Hayne (Lana Del Rey & FKA twigs). With her deep, smoky voice, Dua sings of unrequited love, heartache and the lessons of life, incorporating her love for early rap, RnB, Hip-hop, soul & pop. Read our interview with Dua below!

KALTBLUT: One of your tracks this Summer was a cover of Alessia’s ‘Here’, what encouraged you to pick this song?
Dua Lipa: I always love listening to new tracks and when ‘Here’ hit my radar I had to cover it especially cause I can relate to it on a numerous amount of occasions.

KALTBLUT: Are you considering covering anything else this year?
Dua Lipa: I love covering songs! So yes I’ll definitely do more this year once I find some free time haha!

KALTBLUT: What have you been working on at the moment?
Dua Lipa: I’ve been working really hard to finish off my album and getting more music out there. It’s an ongoing process, there is no stopping now.

KALTBLUT: Are there any significant life moments that have encouraged the theme of your songs?
Dua Lipa: All my tracks are based on significant life moments, the way I feel emotionally, what is going on around me. When I write truthfully it also shows when I perform the song. Everything has a lot more meaning.

KALTBLUT: I love your video for ‘New Love’! How did your relationship with Emile Haynie and Andrew Wyatt begin?
Dua Lipa: We met through my manager Ben he introduced me and Emile while Emile was in London. We met got on well and we put in a few sessions. Emile then introduced me to Andrew when he brought him with to the session! We all got on really well! They are so great!

KALTBLUT: Were the visuals your idea, or was it a collective project?
Dua Lipa: I always have the initial idea and my team always helps me develop it to the next level. I always make the treatment for my videos first and then we send that treatment to directors to have their own take on it.

KALTBLUT: London is your hometown, but is there anywhere that almost feels like a second home to you?
Dua Lipa: I’m originally from Prishtina in Kosovo. My parents are from there. I was born and raised in London but Prishtina will always be home as well!

Dua Lipa_New Love Pressefoto_c Nicole Nodland

KALTBLUT: What drove you to pursue music at such a young age?
Dua Lipa: I’ve always wanted to be a musician! It was always a playground dream where I’d sing songs and makeup dance routines and pretend I’m performing to a crowd! I’m so excited that I actually get to start performing my own songs so soon!

KALTBLUT: I read that you moved out when you only 15, what were your reasons? Did being this independent come naturally?
Dua Lipa: I wanted to live with friends and pursue music and moving out at such a young age helped me sort out my priorities and helped me figure out exactly what I wanted. And yeah, I feel like I was always very independent apart from the whole cooking and cleaning thing! I had to learn how to do that properly and understand that no one was gonna clean up my mess after me!

KALTBLUT: Do you think this helped to shape your career choice?
Dua Lipa: I always knew what I wanted to do. The question was “how?”. I 100% believe that me being independent at a young age helped me put that into my music and my lyrics.

KALTBLUT: Who is the most influential person to you?
Dua Lipa: My family and friends! I don’t have one specific person! The people around me make me who I am!

KALTBLUT: Are there any collaborations in the near future?
Dua Lipa: Nothing is confirmed yet but I’m sure my debut album will have one if not a couple collaborations

KALTBLUT: What is next?
Dua Lipa: Getting this show on the road! Some shows, new songs, new videos! Hold tight!