Electrosexual – Automatic People feat. Hanin Elias

I had the chance to bump into the delicious Romain from Electrosexual last week and tell him how much I liked his album Art Support Machine. He was on his way to show the final edit of his new video and proposed me to join. I said I could certainly write something about it and both agreed this could be fun.

Automatic People © Lukas Julius Keijser & Philip Marshall

This is one of the many tracks of the album which had to be a single and then you realise nearly any track from Art Support Machine ( Rock Machine Records) could be released as a single. We watched the video: this is an instant like! Needless to talk about the song itself which is pure Electrosexual style, an I Feel Love part two, which gets instantly to your brain. The video is colourful, pervaded with this Berlin backdrop colour craziness and the lovely Hanin, totaly fitting with the song.

Elecrosexual:Automatic People is a song about empty-souled people acting like robots in their everyday life. They can only feel who they really want to be in their dreams.”

I couldn’t agree more after listening to the album which develops the concept of the man and the machine. We talked about how different and yet how coherent the differents tracks sounded like and then how the different videos that had surfaced so far relfected this. From the colourful melancholia pervading the Los Angeles video of Lay My Eye (one of my favourite) to the French “film noir” darkness of instrumental electro bomb Tempelhof and the Arty sequence shot of Crystal Flesh. This new video is more straight forward, as is the track, and completes perfectly the set of previous videos.

I asked which video would be the next, he told me “come on this one is just being released!” We laughed and finished listening to the set of remixes of Automatic people.

By Emily White

You can purchase Automatic people on Itunes, and get the full album Art Support Machine on Bandcamp.