Sweat and skirt by EVADIFRANCO Boots by Maison Margiela

EVADIFRANCO Autumn / Winter 2017-18 – Terraferma

Introducing EVADIFRANCO – a womenswear brand based and crafted in Florence and Tuscany. The focus is on creating garments that are wearable for a long time, using locally sourced high quality fabrics. The geometry of the cuts defines original, unexpected volumes and shapes which can be either sharp and sculptural or soft and enveloping. Colour plays a very important role, it can even be a starting point for the design process. The perception of colour influences silhouettes. EVADIFRANCO is size free, volumes are comfortable. The abundance of fabric is a value and not only an inspiration , definitely something to play with. A strong inspiration comes from the japanese culture and aesthetic, including principles like balance, asymmetry, not obvious, modularity.

Some of our pieces are convertible so they can be worn in several different ways and can be changed while they’re worn. Our ideal target is a confident and creative person, we fully trust customers’ individuality!

Fashion by
Instagram: @evadifrancotimelessclothing

Photography by Tommaso Ferri / www.tommasoferri.com Instagram: @tommi_ferri
Make up and styling by Gem Marras / Instagram: @gemmarras
Model is Rebecca Betti / Instagram: @rebiibetti
Assistant designer is Nicole Kaiser