Event: Art Weapon! x Jasna 1 x ГALAS: Displaced Culture

Designer: @lad_boo

Art – Weapon, a Ukrainian contemporary art festival, has partnered with Jasna 1 to foster collaboration between Kyiv and Warsaw. This initiative aims to support artists, musicians, and creatives who have been displaced by the war, helping them to establish themselves in various cities across Ukraine, Poland, and the rest of the EU.

The “Culture Helps / Культура допомагає” project is co-funded by the European Union through a special call for proposals designed to aid displaced Ukrainians and bolster the Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors. This project is a collaborative effort between Insha Osvita (Ukraine) and zusa (Germany).

The event takes place on the 24th and 26th May at Jasna 1 in Warsaw. The line-up on the 24th includes Ana B, Slava Lepsheiev, turmanuma, Richie Beige / dd (PL), faron, illgal, Kondrat and on the 26th Denis Polyakov, Dolu and Paul Thompson are expected to play.

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More info and tickets available here

Read our interview with Ana B from our 2022 Fighters issue: