Exclusive behind the scenes: Paul McCartney, Wings, Timo Maas & James Teej – ‘1985’

Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed video for Timo Maas and James Teej’s rework of the Paul McCartney classic ‘Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five’, which dropped yesterday, KALTBLUT is excited to bring you some exclusive behind the scenes shots from the electric new video. Paul McCartney & Wings’ luminous track was first released in 1973, and has been contemporised in an unlikely pairing of one of rock’s most iconic figures with two contemporary dance music heroes, Timo Maas and James Teej, for release on Virgin Records Germany. Directed by Can Evgin, renowned for his work on clients including Giorgio and Emporio Armani through to Nowness and Purple Paris, and featuring the work of celebrated choreographer Aaron Sillis (recently noted for his extensive work with FKA Twigs), together they present a unique and unrelenting interpretation of the track. “I wanted to capture the rock’n roll spirit in McCartney’s original vision, and give it a contemporary edge,’ explains Can Evgin of the video.The stunning video was produced by Wanda London in collaboration with creative agency Anomalous Visuals. Watch it and see our exclusive behind the scenes stills below.

1985 Image 9

Evgin’s work has a reputation for it’s sexy, bold and stylish flair, a unique offering in our current fashion climate. He sees “1985 is a track with attitude”, and created the visual elements of his interpretation of the track in tune with the dark textures of Timo’s remix.

1985 Image 2

1985 Image 3

Timo Maas’s career has had an undeniable impact on the electronic music scene. For 30 years he has travelled the globe, and garnered an illustrious production career putting his midas touch to music for Madonna, Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim and earning a Grammy Award nomination for his Tori Amos rework. Known for his indie ­electronic label and band, My Favourite Robot, James Teej is Canadian born with over twenty years producing and DJing under his belt. Working at Timo’s countryside home in Germany this unlikely pairing have refined a vision and palette of sound that is a confident yet tasteful take on contemporary electronica.

1985 Image 4

1985 Image 5

The video adds new elements to the pair’s unique take on the track in the form of dynamic and contemporary choreography, which illuminates the fizzing energy and contemporary twist of the rework. Evgin’s dancers exhibit a fluidity and in their movement that perfectly complements the powerful bass and rock ‘n’ roll roots of the song, against a futuristic backdrop that represents the electronic aspects of it’s new sound.

1985 Image 6

1985 Image 7

The dancers immerse themselves in this idiosyncratic world with intense passion, while footage of McCartney singing his original footage glitches, celebrating McCartney’s dreamy vision. The vitality of their dance becomes a visceral struggle to break free from a dark and broken environment, a high voltage shock of a performance, as they dance out of a dystopian world and into a state of pure euphoria that the music ignites within them. “McCartney sings of a 1985 utopia with the raw energy of love and desire; in our more reticent modern society, I believe his message is now more vital than ever.”

1985 Image 8

Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five is out now on 12” and digital via Virgin Records Germany. Purchase the track here

Can Egvin
Timo Maas
James Teej